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Bus Pass Applications


All of the students who currently do not have a bus pass were  given an application form last week to take home for parents to fill in.  Please could we have the filled in application forms and any relevant documents returned to school before 20/07/2017 so I can send them off before we break up for the summer holiday.  The applications can take up to 8 weeks to be processed.

Dates for your diary


25/07/2017 - Last Day Of Summer Term

04/09/2017 - Inset Day for Students

05/09/2017 - First day of term for students


Warwick Castle


On 27th June, 6th Form went on a reward trip to Warwick Castle.  Everybody enjoyed the day and all had a great time walking through the castle grounds  and watching a Birds of Prey show.

Black Country Living Museum


Today 6th Form went to the Black Country Living Museum as a reward for all of their hard work last term.  Everyone had a great day, we played games on an old street, went down into the Old Mill, some students purchased some gifts from the clothes shop and we all had Fish & Chips....which were delicious. 

Gro Organic Garden Project Diary





On 14th February the students were able to go outside to start work on the garden.  All students were involved and were split into groups.  Some of the groups started by planting flower bulbs and small trees along the new woodchip pathway.  Another group started to build bird houses.  All of the students enjoyed the first day out 'working'.





The students were split into 2 groups and took turns in going outside to work in the garden.  Todays tasks were to cut up branches into small pieces for the bug houses and making the bug houses using pallets and painting them.  The tee-pees were also being put together.





The students were split into the same 2 groups again to work outside.  Todays tasks were to build and paint some 'A' frame bug hives and pack the bug houses with the small branches.  Each group did an hour outside before swapping over.





Today the students were split up into 3 group of 4.  Each group worked outside for 30 minutes.  Todays tasks were to make willow screens to be put up around the fire pit which will be put in during half term.





Today the students were laying out the membrane and cutting up the willow sticks to make the willow fence and dome.





Today the students were using wheelbarrows to transfer the woodchip from the playground into the tepee area.  They then had to smooth out the woodchips to make the area flat to walk on.





Today the students were creating mosaic signs.  They had to smash the tiles into small pieces and plan the design before starting to put the signs together.





Today was spent completing the mosaic signs.





Today the students were helping with building the Earth Oven, they broke the clay into pieces to make wet sand and with Daniella and Jakes help they formed a dome shape for the oven.  They used their hands to build it up and measure the height.



The project is now complete and looks great.  We would like to thank all of the Gro Organics team for their help and support in creating a wonderful area for all of the students to use for years to come smiley






Image result for gro organic


Gro Organics have been working hard this week to complete the ground work needed before we can join in with creating our Sensory Garden.  We will be taking daily photographs to show how the work is progressing and the students can not wait to get outside and start working........ 

This week we have been looking at British Values as a whole school.

British Values Week

British Values Week 1 This is 6th Forms British Values display
British Values Week 2 Our British Cultural Display

British Values Display


This is sixth forms display of ‘British Values’ to represent our cultures in Britain.

Sixth form have learnt about all types of British values. We all worked in groups of 4 to gather information and make a display from that information.

A sixth form student Rebecca Encill has made ‘British Cultural wall’ to present the icons and famous people who were born in Britain and done their best in Britain.

The values Sixth form have learnt about are Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance also Stereotyping and Discrimination.

We all learnt what each of them is and what are they?

Democracy- people who are 18 and over have the right to vote.

Rule of law-To have laws in place.

Mutual respect/tolerance-To show respect to others and take to act mature.

Stereotyping/discrimination- treating people the same, Believing people with their opinions and prejudice.


By Rebecca Encill



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Big Lottery Fund Project                                      


At the end of last term we applied for a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, we have been successful in securing a grant and plan to use the funding to start a landscaping project around the 6th Form building.  We shall be using Gro-Organics who are a local company to help us with the planning, designing and redevelopment of the grass area to become a place for the students to enjoy.


Daniella and Shaun from Gro-Organics came into school on 20/10/2016 and spent the day with us to start the planning process of the project.  All of the students decided what they would like to see with in the space and started to create plans.  A group of students also made a planter filled with house hold herbs and curry plants.  They also made a bee hive with Shaun.


The project will be starting in January 2017.....

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery


On Tuesday 22nd November, we visited the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery as part of  our challenges for CoPE.  We split up into 2 groups when we got there and all enjoyed looking around at the different paintings, sculptures and artefacts.   We took a lot of photographs while we were there and each student is now reviewing their visit which will be evidence for 2 CoPE challenges.

Into Film Festival Trip to Cineworld at Resorts World


We all had a wonderful time at the cinema.  We had VIP treatment from the staff who had paused the film for us as we were running late, we then had the whole of screen 2 to ourselves!


All of the students said that they enjoyed the film ' The Martian' and we can not wait for another trip to the cinema! smiley

Garden Project Update


The designer came into school on 01/11/16 to measure up the area to be developed.  We now have the finished plan for the garden.

Final Plan for the Garden Project

Saffron & Tim work experience


Saffron and Tim have now started a 1 day work placement with the Colebridge Enterprise in Kingshurst.  They will be completing tasks within a warehouse environment each Friday morning.  


Saffron & Tim are now both independently walking to their work experience placement.  They are getting on really well and enjoy spending the morning at 'work'.