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For our end of year residential 7E Stayed at St Braivels Castle

Youth Hostel

Hope you like our pictures



On Thursday 18th May 2017 year 7E went to the AKAMBA Heritage and Garden centre. This visit gave the pupils an opportunity to visit their show gardens, exotic plants and a mixture of animals from the African continent, Australasian continent and the rain forest. The animals are based in an exotic animal centre with an aviary of tropical birds and a reptile house. The pupils were able to hold snakes, geckos, chameleons, tarantula spiders and various tortoises of different sizes. They actually watched a chameleon unravel its tongue and eat live crickets Yuk!! In the aviary the birds were flying free and even landed on some of the pupils. Also, in the aviary we had an activity to see how many bird we could spot. It was great fun. We would like to thank Hannah and Becky from AKAMBA for such a fantastic experience. Would we go again? DENFINATLY!!

This week on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 we did an experiment in our science lesson. We wanted to see if we could separate salt water into two separate elements, salt and water. To do this we went into the cookery room and put some salt water into a saucepan. We then heated up the water to boiling point so the water would start to evaporate by turning into steam. The water in the pan became less and less until it was all gone and only salt remained in the saucepan. To expand on this on Thursday 4th May, in our next science lesson, we constructed another experiment and made mini water cycle bags. We put a puddle of water into the bottom of plastic bags and taped the bags onto our classroom window. As the sun heats the water we can see the water evaporate and turn into droplets on the side of the bags. The droplets then fall back into the bottom of the bag and becomes a puddle again. It's fascinating to watch and has helped us to understand how the water cycle works on our planet.

Today, 5th April 2017, is the last day of our forest schools experience. Chris the forest schools leader planned an Easter egg hunt with a difference. He hid halves of Easter egg pictures in the wood with clues on the back. We had to find the halves and match them to make a whole egg and match the clues. We searched high and low, under rocks, in trees, all over the place!  We had to work together to find out if anyone had the half that matched the ones found. Eventually we had all the Easter egg pieces and as an extra Sam found a bow made of a twig and string. Chris let us have a go at shooting arrow shaped twigs with the bow to see who could fire it the furthest, it was great fun. Right at the end Chris gave us all small chocolate eggs as a goodbye gift. It will be sad to stop going to forest schools on a Wednesday but we have great memories and photos to remind us. Thank you Chris for a fantastic time over the past few weeks.


Today, 30th March 2017, we went to Pizza Express in Sutton Coldfield. To get there we travelled on the bus for 45 minutes. It is the first time we have travelled this way and some of us were a little scared to begin with. But once we were on the bus it was exciting and great fun as we were able to chat to each other. When we got to Pizza express it looked closed but soon the staff came and let us in. First we had to wash our hands and put on an apron and hat. Then we played a circle game using an uncooked pizza base. We learnt that this base was made of flour, oil, water, yeast and salt. It was very stretchy and springy and we were allowed to try to spin it on our hands, throw it to each other and toss it in the air above our heads, it was great fun. We were then given a fresh pizza base each in a baking tin. We  were given a topping of a tomato paste sauce and some  mozzarella cheese to put on top of the bases. The pizzas were then cooked in a great big oven at 300 degrees centigrade for four minutes. When cooked, the pizzas were put into pizza takeaway boxes and we were allowed to take them home. It was a fabulous morning and we would like to say a big thank you to the lovely people who work at Pizza Express.
Today 17th March, Kelly from Unity was back with us teaching 7E some music! Combining our music and Computing topics, we used the iPads today to create our own music inspired by animals. Everyone had a go on the Piano HD app creating songs which we wrote when thinking about a duck, rabbit, bird, cat or fox. Hope you like our pictures.
Today in Forest Schools, Wednesday 8th March, we learnt how to walk across and balance on ropes. As you can see we were really good. Hope you like our pictures.
Today, 1st March 2017 we made pancakes. Yesterday was Pancake Day but because we needed to cook in the Food Technology Room, we booked the room for today. In three groups we had a go at making the pancake mix (batter), cooking the batter and some of us even had a go at flipping them over. It was great fun. The best bit was eating them with lemon juice and sugar, so yummy!
Today, 1st March, is the first day of Spring, so we decided to go on a spring watch walk in the wood next to the school where we usually do Forest Schools.  It was a lovely spring day and the sun was a little bit warm. On our walk we heard lots of birds singing and spotted black birds, wood pigeons and there were lots of magpies. We also saw seagulls - these are usually found at the seaside but we have lots by our school.  We also saw nests that birds had built in the trees, hazel catkins hung on the trees and there was a beautiful blossom tree by the school nearby. There were also lots of buds on bushes and leaves beginning to grow ready for the summer. It was such a lovely walk and it was interesting to observe how Smith's Wood is beginning to come alive with new plants so close to our school.   
Today. 9th February 2017, we went to the Tesco supermarket in the Fox & Goose area. We went to find about how Tesco are involved in sustainability. This is when we share what we have and not take more than our share. Gina and Vanessa who work for Tesco were fantastic and made the tour really interesting. They showed us where different foods come from. We also learnt about how people being treated fairly is important and looking after the rain forest is also important.  In the store we were given a workbook, we looked on the shelves and found different foods that were a part of the Fair Trade movement and the Rain Forest Alliance. We also got to taste some chocolate and cheese, it was yummy. We would like to say thank you to Gina and Vanessa for a lovely and informative morning. Hope you like our photos. 
Today 8th February 2017 we went to Forest Schools. At Forest Schools we made a bug hotel to go in our school allotment. To make the bug hotel we needed to use different equipment to turn planks of wood into the bug hotel. We used a bow saw, a cordless electric drill and a and a cordless electric screwdriver.  Besides sawing and fixing the screws we had to make sure there were holes for the bugs to get in and out. We took it in turns to use the equipment safely and when the bug house was finished we made sure there were leaves and little twigs for the bugs to eat and live on inside. Hope you like the photos of what we did...
Today, 1st February 2017 in Forest Schools we made some tree trolls. To do this we had to press a lump of clay onto the tree and then forage for natural things like leaves, sticks, holly, pebbles and bits of wood with different shapes. Using all these things we made troll faces. Some of us added extra clay and  made bodies. After, we carried on collecting small logs and branches to make the wood pile bigger. It was such fun. Hope you like our pictures this week.
Today, 25th January 2017 we participated in a Chinese Dance Workshop led by Carys Jenkins from the Education Group. We learnt how to move our bodies and do a Chinese New Year Dragon Dance. We also looked at Chinese parasols and fans. It was so much fun. We would like to  say thank you to Carys for such an amazing time.
Today 25th January 2017, 7E went to Forest Schools and we were given a task by Chris from UNITY. We had to work as a team and build shelters. We managed to do this with no help from the adults. Tamzin decided that she wanted to make a hot drink of chocolate for everyone to have once the shelters were finished. It was great fun. Hope you like the photos of what we did............ 

This week, 18th January, at Forest Schools we learnt about camp fires. Chris from UNITY had built a fire in the woods and we had great fun toasting marshmallows.

On Wednesday 11th January we started our Forest Schools experience. We came to school in warm clothes and sensible shoes/boots and headed off to the wood next to the school called Smith's Wood. Chris from UNITY met us in the wood and we followed him deep into the middle amongst the trees. He talked about the safety rules and told us we were going to make some tree cookies. To do this we needed to use a saw and hand drill. We worked together to do these tasks and learnt how to use the equipment properly so that we were safe. We also had lots of fun using our imagination and making things from the floor of the wood. We also noticed door handles in one of the trees, this was very strange and we wondered why they might be there. Perhaps they were used to climb the tree, or is there a secret door? Who knows?. We are thinking about exploring this in our English lessons.  We found being in the wood is great fun and can't wait to do something new next week.

Here are our stories, hope you enjoy them.

One day we went to the forest school. We found a door handle in a tree. We were thinking where it would take us. Jamie opened the door, we went inside. We were transported to the rain forest, it was amazing. The first thing we saw was an elephant splashing water, it got us wet.

By James Bayliss

I was walking through the woods by school when I came across a special tree. It was the tallest tree in the whole forest and right at the top was a door handle. I climbed the tree and opened the door. I was amazed at where it took me, the rain forest was inside. I saw a monkey in the tree, it was being chased by a chimp. The monkey was making a lot of noise. After, I walked to see the elephants. I have seen a baby elephant.

By Lewis Hill

I walked in the woods by school. I saw a tree it’s handle opened the door. I went to the rainforest. I felt shocked. I saw animals from the zoo. I saw gorillas and fish. I thought, WOW! This is exciting.

By William Pope

I was walking in the woods. I climbed to the top of the big special tree. At the top I found a door handle. I opened the door and went inside. There was a rain forest. It was amazing because there were lots of animals and it was also amazing in the rain forest. I saw humming birds. They had blue and white feathers. I saw them flying. I saw blue birds in the sky and they were colourful. I saw a parrot in the trees and it was really colourful like a rainbow.

By Ben court

One day we were walking through the forest by the school. When we got to a tree, I looked at the big tree and at the top of the tree was a big handle. Suddenly, I opened it. I walked in the door it was so cool. I kept walking in. The door shut, all I could hear was a monkey. The monkey was climbing to the top of the tree. It was raining, I got a bit wet but I could see the trees rocking. Behind, I could see a black monkey. It had become dark and the frogs were passing from lily pad to lily pad. Later, when I got to bed, I could hear an owl at night. I suddenly got up and it was morning. I had my breakfast. I saw a monkey fighting an elephant and the monkey had boxing gloves on. The elephant had running shoes on and the monkey ran away.

By Mathew Holtom

It was a rain forest and there was a bear. It was making funny sounds and it was cool, and there was an extreme very big tree. Then there was a poisonous frog and it was hotter than England. Then there was a monkey on the ape and the rain was hot. The sun on the sun was red and it was fun. I went to find the flying ant and a scorpion and another ant. Then I went back and I had fun today

By Kian Heale

When we went to forest school saw a door handle. I thought “what is that doing there?” I climbed the tree and opened the door handle. I went in the door and all of a sudden I got teleported to somewhere. Where am I? I’ve never been here before. There were millions of trees and noises. “Are those monkeys? Cool!” It was beautiful and fun. “Wait am I in the rain forest? How will I get back?” Sam walked down the cliffs to find some food and water. “How will I survive this madness? I need shelter to sleep until morning”. In the morning you could hear birds whistling so sweet. “I need some food and water, I need a weapon to go hunting, maybe a bow and a spear” Two hours later. “I’ve finally made them, time to get some fish”. Sam goes hunting for fish, Sam gets five salmon and two tiddlers. “I’ve got food now, a tree house but I need an axe to get some wood and I need water and a fire. “Wait, don’t I have a lighter in my bag?” Sam makes a fire and makes cooked fish. “crunch, scrunch” Five hours until dawn. “I need a bed next”. The next day Sam said “Is this a dream?” Sam goes to explore the rain forest. “I wander what animals I will see?” Sam sets off to explore, Sam was excited. “Is that a tree frog? It is!” Sam was amazed but he missed home more. 6 Hours later, “That was so much fun, time for dinner. “Crunch, is there any tigers in the jungle I wander? Maybe? All of a sudden it started to rain and thunder. “I hope the lightning doesn’t hit my tree house.” When it was the next day Sam said “I’m going home today. Sam set off on his adventure. “How long is this rain forest? All of a sudden a tiger comes out of nowhere. Sam sets the tiger on fire. “I’m having tiger tonight burnt to a crisp.” 7 hours later Sam escaped the rain forest and returned home.

By Sam Inchley

I was walking through the woods by school when I came across a special tree. It was the tallest tree in the whole forest. But at the top there was a door handle. I climbed the tree and opened the door. I was amazed at where it took me. It went into the rain forest. I saw a spider monkey climbing a tree and lots of colourful birds. I could hear monkeys calling and frogs jumping into water, it was amazing.

By Joshua Walsh

Me and William were walking through the woods, we saw a door handle on a tree. We walked up to the tree and climbed it. William opened the door. I felt shocked. Inside was the rain forest. It was awesome. We saw a monkey climbing a tree and a flying squirrel. We walked inside. It was a bit dark because of all the trees. We could hear lots of birds singing and a frog calling for their mates. We could hear the school bell ringing it sounded miles away. We both felt hungry so we decided to go back to school for lunch. We said goodbye to the animals. Then went back to school

By Tamzin Woodcock

I was walking through the woods by school when I came across a special tree. It was the tallest tree in the whole forest and right at the top was a door handle. I climbed the tree and I opened the door. I was amazed at where it took me. I saw a big gorilla. Then I saw lots of gorillas. Then a brown gorilla, there was a gorilla war, then it got out of hand and one gorilla got killed. The monkey won, it then snowed then it turned rainy. There was a flood everyone got washed away and was never seen again.

By Jamie Mullins

We were walking in the woods and when we were walking on top of a tree was a door handle. We were wondering what would happen when we entered it. We might be teleported to the Amazon rain forest in South America and take us to other cool things, maybe to a magic tree! It will be amazing, full of decorations where lots of animals live like spiders and plants in the rain forest. There might be flying squirrels and lots of different frogs there. It would be amazing! There might be little huts where people live in the rain forest and lots of creatures there. In the magical rain forest bird protect themselves from predators that might try to eat them. After we went to the river and we saw crocodiles eating fish in the rain forest. We saw the handle on the tree and used it to leave the rain forest. But, before we did we saw a gorilla fighting a monkey and there were snakes eating grass. It was amazing looking at life cycles to see what happens. So, we opened the magic door and we went back home. I saw my parents. I told them what had happened and they didn’t believe me.

By Rian Arnold

One cold morning me and my class were walking through a big dark and mysterious forest which was right next to our school. But as we were walking I felt bored so I sneaked away and started to look around this place of wander. Then I found a tree with a hidden door handle that I’d never seen in my life. So, being the kid I was I turned the handle and the door creaked open. Behind the door was a giant green and a very quiet rain forest with humming birds, orange and black tigers and huge grey elephants. I enjoyed my look around but it was time to go back home. So, I went back through the door and back to my country but I will never forget about the door.

By Jimmy O’Brien

On Wednesday 7th December we participated in a Media Workshop with Nick Davis from Unity. During this time we worked together to make animated films. Our theme was Christmas and in 2 groups we decided what our stories would be about. We then made plastercine models of the characters, scenes of where the stories would take place and used cameras to film the characters. To make the characters move we had to manipulate them bit by bit, and film them frame by frame. These photos were then joined up to make one complete movie. Then we recorded our voices to give all the characters voices and tell the story. It was great fun to do and we really learnt a lot about how to create a moving animated story. Year 7E would like to thank Nick for teaching us about animation it was so much fun to do and really interesting.

Latest News


7E have been learning about measuring in our maths and science lessons. We have measured and marked our heights on the wall. We are looking forward to doing the same again in the summer to see how much we have grown!

We then took this one step further by finding groups of classroom objects that match our own heights exactly. It was great fun finding inventive ways to make up our heights!




Self Portraits

7E have completed half-and-half self portraits. We took a photo of ourselves, cut them in half and drew in the remaining part. Hopefully you'll agree we have some budding artists in our class!




Our Art Gallery

At the beginning of the year each pupil in 7E received a canvas to paint a design. The brief was simple: create a bright design to represent yourself, involving your name or initial. We now have a beautiful art gallery of canvases on our wall. It really brightens up our classroom!




On the 3rd October 2015 employees of Warburtons Bakery came into school and did a Healthy Eating Workshop. We participated in a discussion and power point presentation on the importance of eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle. After, we were all able to put what we had learnt into practice and make some delicious bread rolls filled with a variety of ingredients. We learnt about how we can make good choices at meal times in a fun and stimulating way. Year 7E would like to send a big thank you to Nicky and Alison from Warburtons who made this experience so interesting.






Classroom responsibilities


Every pupil in our class has their own responsibility. This gives them the opportunity to take charge of a particular part of our classroom or curriculum. Each pupil takes their role very seriously. The responsibilities are as follows:


Jamie M- School Council

Sam- Eco Warrior

Jimmy- Classroom Lights Monitor

Rian- Washing Up After Art

Lewis- Fruit Monitor

Josh- Milk Monitor

Rebecca- Phone Locker Monitor

William- Messenger

Jamie D- Book Monitor

Ben- Register Collector

Matthew- Tidiness Check

James- Lunch Bag Collector

Tamzin- Plant Monitor

On 2nd November 7E joined up with 7L and went to CTC Kingshurst Academy for a World War 1 (WW1) experience. It was fantastic fun, we went into a 130ft bunker which gave us all a taste of what it would be like in a war conflict. We also, visited the archive section with lots of WW1 memorabilia. Then we were able to dress up in combat uniform and experience what it was like to carry bodies on a stretcher, throw hand grenades, play 'Wack the Rat' and march military style around the fired.
During the Autumn term year 7E have been learning all about different ways to experience music. We have been very lucky to have Kelly from Unity teach us. We have learnt lots of different songs, used our voices in exciting ways and played musical instruments. It has been loads of fun and really fantastic to find out what music can do to make our lives more interesting.