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This week in Year 7L we are proud of.......


Thomas for excellent multiplication work.

Adam for an excellent kind attitude towards peers.










Dates for your diary....



19th July - Stratford Upon Avon

24th July - End of term reward



Life Skills


Year 7L have been developing their life skills. On Wednesday (7/6/17) we used the life skills room to cook scrambled eggs on toast. All pupils participated in cooking the eggs and making the toast. When it was done they ate it together. They enjoyed the activity and it was lovely to see them working together and interacting positively with each other.


Unity cooking. 


Today, 26th May Year 7L took part in a cooking session with Sarah from Unity. We worked in three groups to make carrot and coriander soup and flatbreads. Pupils peeled and chopped onions, sweet potato and carrots to make the soup and weighed the ingredients to make the flat bread. 

"It's really good to cook, I'm going to share my soup with my Mom and my brother," says Andrew 

"We learnt how to cook and worked with different foods," says Adam

Homework (13/3/17)


Year 7L have weekly spelling homework. In addition to this they are expected to read at least three times a week and get an adult signature in their reading record on each occasion. It would be lovely if you could support your child with this. Many Thanks, Year 7L Staff Team.


Unity Art Project


Year 7 have been taking part in Unity Art sessions. Today (17/3) they sketched a picture and added colour using oil pastels. They chose pictures of scenes from around the world. Everyone enjoyed it and were engaged throughout.

Birmingham Central Mosque


Year 7 visited Birmingham Central Mosque to enhance our RE topic for this half term. We had a guided tour of the Mosque led by Muhammad Islam. We looked in the prayer halls and learned about the special routines Muslims undertake when visiting their place of worship. We learned about the times of day Muslims pray and the special Friday Prayers where up to 4000 people visit the Mosque.


All pupils were very respectful and contributed to the discussions really well.

Birmingham Airport - Flight School


Year 7L visited Birmingham Airport, flight school on February 7th. This was part of their around the world work. We watched the aeroplanes arrive and depart and tracked where in the world they were coming from and going to. We walked through the departure terminal and looked at we needed to do when going through an airport. Pupils had a lovely time and behaved really well.

Chinese New Year Dance


With Chinese New Year celebrations in full swing, Year 7L had the opportunity to take part in a Chinese New Year  dance workshop. Pupils learned some Chinese dance moves and danced with the traditional dragon head to welcome in the year of the Rooster.

Las Iguanas


On Wednesday 25th January, Year 7L went on a visit to Las Iguanas, a restaurant serving South American food in Resorts World. All pupils chose and ordered their own lunch in the restaurant, choosing anything they wanted from the allocated menu along with unlimited squash. They also had maps or South America to colour and activities to complete. Each pupils also left with a souvenir Las Iguanas t shirt to remember their visit.


Las Iguanas provided this to our pupils totally free of charge, to enable them to experience South American food in an appropriately themed restaurant, looking out over the lakes at the NEC Birmingham.


Holly - Duty Manager at Las Iguanas was very complementary about Forest Oak pupils, commenting on how well behaved and well mannered they are. This made us feel very proud.


Year 7L would like to thank Guy Clarke, Holly and the Team at Las Iguanas, Resorts World, NEC, for their fantastic service and kindness.

UNITY Music Project


Year 7 have been taking part in a music project with Kelly from Unity. They have been busy singing and listening to music from musicals. Today we used ipads to play the theme tune from Mamma Mia. All pupils were in engaged and having fun!

TESCO - Sustainability Tour


On Tuesday 17th February we visited TESCO Hodge Hill to take part in a Sustainability tour. We had a guided tour lead by Gina and Vanessa. We learnt all about the food TESCO sells that come from different countries around the world. She explored the fruit and vegetable aisles looking at the packaging to see where our fresh produce comes from. We found bananas from Costa Rica, Ghana and Dominican Republic, tomatoes from Spain and raspberries from Morocco. We labelled this on our world maps.


We also visited the cheese counter, fresh fish counter, tea, coffee and hot chocolate aisle and perhaps the mpst exciting one, the chocolate aisle. We were looking for the Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance logos on products and talked about what it meant for a product to be fair trade.


We have added our TESCO materials to our 'Around the World' display in our room. Its filling up now. Keep up the good work Year 7.





Unity Animation Workshop.


Today, (14/12/16) Year 7L took part in an animation project with Nick from Unity. The class split into two groups each making up an imaginative Christmas story and plastercine characters to create an animation project. They then used the stop-frame method with the cameras to create their own animation piece.


Pupils created amazing characters for their stories and really enjoyed engaging in something new. Bradley says, "it's cool!" Jerome says, "I've never done this before, its different and I liked it very much. Its like you can make your own programme."


Once they are finished we will publish them here. Watch this space!


Fire Safety


Today, 24/11/16, John joined us in class to talk about Fire Safety. He talked with the class about the best evacuation procedures in the event of a fire. He also talked about best practice with regards to fire alarms within the home. 


All pupils took part in the session and completed some interactive activities about fire safety, before Mrs Judge was volunteered to dress as a fire fighter. She tried on Johns fire fighting kit. 


Please ask your child about the visit, they might be able to give you some tips to use at home.





Birmingham Water Ways


This week, (16/11/16) Year 7L went on a visit to Birmingham Water Ways. We went on a canal boat down the canal, learning about what the canals used to be used for year ago and how the areas around the canal have changed over time. AS we went down the river we saw, Brindley Place, Symphony Hall, Gas Street Basin, out to the country side of Edgebaston and the old Railway Junction.


Pupils had a lovely time, it was a great experience!  

Money Sense 8.11.16


​Year 7L participated in "It`s A Party" Money Sense workshop today. They were tasked with planning and budgeting for a party. Pupils had to choose suitable items for their party including food, entertainment and cake choices, whist sticking to their allocated amount of money. There were some interesting discussions about how they would entertain the guests. Each groups party plan was different to the other but all were within budget.


​Well done to all the pupils for such great teamwork!








World War 1 Experience.


Today, 2nd November, both year 7 classes attended a WW1 experience at CTC Outdoor Education Centre. They were enrolled as a World War One Soldier exactly as they would have been then. Pupils took part in training excerises, filling sand bags, administering first aid for wounded soldiers and using periscopes to see over trench walls to name but a few. Pupils had a taste of what it would have been like to live in the trenches in those days. Volunteers guided us through each excerise and shared their experiences of visiting the battle fields in France and still collecting items that would have been used. Pupils looked through a book of names of all the service men and women that sadly died in service to see if they was anyone with their own surname who could have belonged to their family generations ago. 

It is an important time of year as we approach Rememberace day when we remember all the armed forces that have lost their lives through conflict. Ellie Mai and Jimmy read a poem by their memorial poppy before we observed a minute silence to reflect upon our day and what we had learnt. 





CTC Outdoor Education Centre


Year 7L went to CTC Outdoor Education Centre to take part in a team building session. They participated in caving and low ropes activities. All pupils gave their best to each activity and supported one another with encouragement. We were especially proud of Ellie Mai for her low ropes work and Megan for their caving.









Year 7L were one of 4 classes that took part in a workshop offered by Warburtons. Nicky and Alison from Warburtons bakery visited school on 3rd October. All classes learnt about the history of Warburtons bakeries, careers at Warburtons and some of the products they made. They also talked about healthy plates and food choices. All pupils were given the opportunity to taste test some of their products including fruit loaf and pancakes. All pupils then made a healthy snack of their choice from wraps, rolls or sandwich thins with fillings of their choice along with salad.  After the visit Nicky sent a very complementary email in feedback to our pupils, she said "it was an absolute pleasure to work with the wonderful children you have. We wouldn't hesitate to return again."




Aston Villa Football Club


Year 7L attended a football tournament at Aston Villa Football Club on Monday 10th October. All pupils took part in football matches played against other schools. All pupils showed excellent sportsmanship and represented Forest Oak really well. We were especially proud of Adam for his excellent goat keeping skills.


Guardwara Visit


We visited  Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Handsworth on 18th October. This was part of our RE work for this term. We were given a guided tour by Kiran. She showed us the main prayer room, talked through the practices of a Sikh visiting to worship and took up to the roof top prayer room. After our tour we were offered 'Langar,' a portion of food offered to all visitors. We extend our thanks to Kiran and all of the volunteers at the Gurdwara for welcoming us.