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Barbara Roberts

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Learning Mentor

Hello my name is Barbara and I am the Learning Mentor here at Forest Oak.

I am available throughout the school day to offer additional support and guidance to pupils on a one to one basis, who are referred through the Behaviour Support Team.

I work closely with Tutors, class staff and of course ‘you’ the parents, carers and families of the students.

Part of my role is to link directly with other professionals and outside agencies when additional support for a student might be needed.

I am also the person to speak to in school for supporting referrals to the Solihull Independent Travel Training Team.

I am always available throughout the school day to talk to, make home visits, and happy to help in any way that I can.


Coffee Morning


This is a great opportunity to meet the organisations available to help our pupils  independently travel to school and within the community. looking forward to seeing you there. smiley



Calendar date & information

*Friday February 17thth 2017*

10.00am – 12.00pm


Solihull Independent Travel Training Team


Meet the training team face to face.

Information, advice & support about the travel training programme aimed at young people in school on transport

*Opportunities to refer your child on the day*

What happens next?



Meet this new strand of the independent travel

training team and programme

Is your child/ young person, considering leaving

Forest Oak at the end of Year 11 OR are they

moving on from 6th Form?

If so…. then meet the NEET team face to face for information & advice about the travel training support they can offer to

young people leaving school and education.

*Opportunities to plan ahead for your child*

What happens next?




Information, advice & support to apply for a

Centro Concessionary Bus Pass for your child / young person

Face to face help & advice on the day

completing bus pass applications

What happens next?





Coffee morning is the perfect opportunity for you to meet and get to know other parents & carers in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.


Please contact Sam Pitt, Child & Family Support Worker & Barbara Roberts, Learning Mentor, for any more information about this coffee morning