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Forest Oak School Song


A huge thank you to all of the children who provided lyrics, those who recorded vocals, parents/carers for sending photos and Leanne, our music therapist, for helping to create our school song.

Here is the video:
Here is the video with lyrics:

Daily Skills Challenge: Creativity

Choose a messy cupboard or area in your home. Imagine what it would look like if it was tidier.

Generate ideas for how it could be organised more effectively.
Put your ideas into action and improve the area.

Extension: get different perspectives from other people in your home. How can you use these perspectives to improve your ideas?

Harry Potter Studios - Interactive resources


Take 5 minutes to remember our visit to Harry Potter Studios back in February.


Log onto the following link for more interactive resources and activities.




How quickly can the staff get ready for school? 


Here it is..... The long awaited new staff video. 

Take a look. Can you get ready this quickly? 


Guess who...... ANSWERS! 


Have you had a guess....? Check your answers here:

Guess who.....? 


That's right, we've been at it again. This one will keep you busy. Lots of the staff have sent a picture of when we were a baby. Your job is to guess as many staff members as you can by their baby picture.

Follow the link

Answers will be revealed on Friday. Watch this space! 

Important message from Mrs Mordey.


Further to my message on Monday I would like to get your views on when you may wish for your child to start returning to school. I have created a Survey Monkey questionnaire which should only take about 5 minutes to complete. The questions are the same but to make it easier for me to analyse I have done one for each school - please follow the link below for your school.
Please share the link with any parent you know does not access Class DoJo - it is also available on the school websites.

Forest Oak School

Look what Mrs Miller has got.......Introducing Frankie!!

Check out class dojo to see him in on video.

We've been at it again! 


Staff from Forest Oak and Merstone would like to entertain you again with one of our videos.... 'We'll always to be together.....'




Music Therapy

I would like your help to gather your child's words and sentences, about their feelings & thoughts about the current situation, the changes to their lives and the return to school (whenever that will be).

These words and sentences will be used by Leanne, our music therapist, to create some lyrics for a school song. This is part of a larger therapeutic well-being project for pupils.

Please message me by Friday, with your child's words and sentences, so I can forward onto Leanne.

Many Thanks for your support 

Hello from the staff.....

Birmingham Museums INSPIRE 20.


Birmingham Museums have launched a competition for lockdown. The competition is called 'What can I see?' It is designed to help us all think about things in our homes, gardens, skies and views. Your entry could be a poem, a drawing or painting, a photo or sculpture.


The winner will get their work displayed in the museum and will get £50 worth of art vouchers and goodies from the museum.


To get more information  on entering follow

BBC Bitesize


BBC bitesize can provide some support around different subjects. Take a look.


Home Learning



NOTE TO PARENTS / CARERS - you should have received an invitation to join Class DoJo. Please accept this invitation. This will enable us to continue communications with you on there as well as posting on this page. 


Hi 10M

Hope you’re all keeping safe and well! We are all missing you, especially our daily banter as well as working hard. We hope you’re keeping yourselves occupied. Mrs Miller is doing the Joe Wicks workout every morning which should make you all laugh  and Mrs Shakespeare is finally sitting down!  Miss Behave is home-schooling her young son who is having her doing all sorts of things , whilst Mrs Hope wishes she was with you and not her three sons who are driving her mad!


Don’t forget to keep a daily diary and also be kind to the people that you live with! Help your parents / carers out with some cooking, baking, cleaning or even just make them a cup of tea and do the washing up! If you clean or tidy a room for them and take before and after photographs we can even use it as an ASDAN challenge!!  


Take care and we will see you the other side



Don't forget....Twinkl have given parents free login details to help with resources for your pupils. Check out visit:



Below is all a brief outline of work found in work packs. There is a paper copy of this inside the folder..


Included in this work pack are the following activities:

PSD – Managing Own Money  (Evidence towards PSD qualification)

Time worksheets – Maths work to be completed in preparation for their maths test

Mo’s Case Study – PSD Managing Own Money (Evidence towards PSD qualification)

Ash Wednesday Reading comprehension – (Evidence towards RE qualification)

Times Tables test booklet – practise of times tables

Photo activities – To practise using adjectives. Think about size, colour etc. Try and include as much detail as possible.

Maths Activity Booklet - Read the questions carefully before completing each activity.

Science & Technology 9A1 (ASDAN) – write up about the activity with the straws and the marshmallows. Include the following:

  • Who was in your group
  • The task was to use straws and marshmallows to make the highest construction
  • What was your strategy
  • How did you work as a team
  • What did each person do
  • Was your plan successful?


UK 2019 General Election – reading tasks – Your child will need help with this activity. Try and read it with them and answer the questions on the back pages

The Mystery of the stolen Shamrocks: St. Patrick’s Day. – They have completed similar activities before, but they may need help in understanding what they need to do for each activity.

Drugs Posters – (Evidence for English Coursework)

Mummy! – Reading comprehension – Read the passage and answer the questions

Jimmy and the Pharaoh - Reading comprehension – Read the passage and answer the questions

Famous Pirates - Reading comprehension – Read the passage and answer the questions

The Happy Hunter and the Skilful Fisher - Reading comprehension – Read the passage and answer the questions

S&R – Complete the worksheet attached by looking at the leaflet information

S&R – Design a poster or leaflet for young people to teach them of the dangers and how to stay safe online.


Year 10M News.





Over careers week (2nd – 6th March) Pupils in year 4 to 10 took part in moneysense workshops. These are set designed and supported by Natwest Bank. Pupils have taken part in a range of workshops, including ‘How we use money,’ ‘Its party time,’ ‘Deciding on a Mobile Phone package’ and ‘Fraud Scene Investigators.’

We had 8 volunteers from Natwest bank come to school to support the delivery of the workshops. Volunteers were able to tell pupils about the jobs they do, the working hours, where they work and the different departments that exist in the bank. Pupils have engaged really well with all workshops and it has been a very valuable experience for them to widen their awareness of money issues.

We would like to thank all bank volunteers for their time and their expertise in supporting the pupils with their learning. We hope to continue with this work in the future.


Houses Of Parliament


On 27th February 2020 10M visited the Houses of Parliament. This was part of their ASDAN, ICT and Citizenship work. Pupils travelled down to London by coach. On arrival at Houses of Parliament pupils experienced airport style security before making their way to the viewing gallery of The House of Commons. Pupils were able to see a live debate, involving Michael Gove and a number of MPs from all over the country. This was a valuable experience for our pupils and really bought their learning to life. We then were able to visit Westminster Hall, where pupils were able to see where world leaders like Barak Obama, Nelson Mandela and our Monarch had stood to address many MPs and Prime Ministers.

We were then able to participate in a voting and representation workshop. Pupils learnt about what constituencies were and each group represented a constituency. Pupils then got into ‘parties.’ Pupils chose names of ‘The Inspirational Party,’ ‘The Common Wealth Party’ and ‘The Dodgy Dreamers Party.’ Each party talked about their manifesto and things they thought were important for the UK. Groups decided on a leader and they then had to present the groups ideas to the rest of the group. The leaders elected were, Ellie, Tamzin and Jerome. Each leader did and excellent job of verbally presenting their manifesto.

Pupils each then completed a ballot paper, voting for the party they thought had they best manifesto. MPs were then elected. The MP’s were Muhammad, Rian, Ellie and Thomas. With the Inspirational Party receiving the most votes Ellie then became the Prime Minister.

This workshop gave the pupils a very good insight into the voting process within the UK and how democracy works.

We were very privileged to then have Saqib Bhatti, the MP for the local area visit us to take questions. Pupils were able to highlight their concern for facilities for young people within the area. He has assured us that this will go on his list of priorities for the area. We have established a really good link with Saqib, thank him for taking the time to visit us and hope to continue with this in the future.

We then went to Harry Potter Studios. Pupils have studied Harry Potter as part of their English work on film genre. Pupils were able to see how Harry Potter was made, could see original costumes, props and film sets like Hogwarts Express, Digon Alley, Gringrots Bank and Privit Drive. Pupils took part in the green screen facility and each went home with a digital downloadable photograph of themselves. Everyone enjoyed the day and pupils were given the opportunity to buy a sounvenier from their visit. On the return journey, pupils enjoyed socialising with peers chatting together and even having a sing song.

Behaviour of the pupils was exceptional all day. They were excellent ambassadors for Forest Oak. 10M staff would like to thank all parents for supporting the visit by getting the pupils to school very early and collecting them later than the usual school day. We would also like to thank the pupils of 10M for an excellent day. It was a pleasure to be in your company.


VIY – Volunteer it yourself!


On 25th February, 10M went to Shard End Youth Centre to complete their final VIY workshop. This was the practical part of the project that saw pupils work together to achieve great results. As they had planned pupils were making garden items for St. Catherines Day Centre in Coleshill. Pupils of 10M, together with VIY mentors produced 2 planters and a bench. They learned skills like measuring, sawing, drilling and sanding. Pupils had to adhere to the safety requirements of each piece of equipment.

The activities highlighted to pupils the importance of team work, co operation and communication. The amount of support pupils showed for each other was incredible, encouraging pupils to become engaged and involved, recognising eachothers strengths and giving constructive advice where necessary.

Pupils will be continuing their project at St.Catherines Day centre, to tidy up their garden and give them a better outdoor space. Details of this will follow. Watch this space!!!


VIY - school workshops


10M are taking part in a project with a company called Volunteer It Yourself (VIY) It is sponsored by Wickes who provide all the materials for the project. This is a project designed to give pupils a hands on experience. It also promotes teamwork, communication and widens pupils knowledge, opening their mind to different career paths.

The programme consists of 3 workshops, two one hour sessions in school and a full day at Shard End Community Centre. Our first session took place on 28th January. Imran came to school and introduced the project. Pupils then took part in activities that required teamwork, communication and construction.

Pupils have decided that they will use this project to improve the sensory garden at St Catherines Day Service, Coleshill. Before the next workshop on Friday 14th February pupils will visit St Catherines Day Service, to look at the sensory garden and talk to staff and service users to ask what it is they would like for their garden. Our day at Shard End is 25th February. We look forward to seeing what the pupils create.



Skills Show


We attended the Skills show on 22nd  November. Pupils were able to visit different exhibitors learning about apprenticeships and future employment opportunities. Pupils were able to watch chefs at work, engineers, hairdressers and graphic designers as well as talking to representatives from the armed forces.

Pupils were really interested in opportunities available to them and were able to ask relevant questions around this. Some even discovered that the job they thought they wanted to do originally, may not be for them after all. This was a valuable learning experience.