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Teacher : Mr Cartwright

Learning Support Assistants : Mr Shakespeare, Mr Marriott & Mrs Chambers


Hello all,


Hope you are all well. 

Thank-you to the pupils in year 11 who are working hard and completing work remotely. I know how difficult it for families but I am sure you are all trying your best!



- Zoom calls daily 09:30 to go through the days work and to check in with pupils.

- Please refer to Emails that will be set daily for you to complete.

- Please send work back to staff as soon as you have completed.  

- Paper copies will be sent to pupils who require it. 


Staff are more than happy to help at any point during the school day.


- Please email staff either through their email or DOJO. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Mr Cartwright: 

Mrs Shakespeare:  

Mr Marriott: 


-You can also contact the school: 0121 7170088


In school:

Mr Cartwright: : Wed,Thur,Fri

Mrs Shakespeare: Wed, Thur, Fri 

Mr Marriott: Tues, Thurs