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Meet the Team 1 Mr Jacques - Teacher

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Learning Support Assistants 1 Miss Hashim
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Welcome to Year 7.

On Tuesday 15th October 2019 year 7 had a pupil wellbeing day. This day consisted of a whole day of activities linked to our Design Technology (DT)  topic, healthy eating. In DT we have been planning a healthy picnic. During our first session of DT we discussed what healthy eating is and made a mind map of our ideas. We then in our next session made a plan of what we actually wanted to have in our picnic. During this lesson, we also tasted different types of food that could be included. Then we had our mindfulness day. The first two lessons we did some mindfulness walks in the sensory garden and went onto the apparatus in Merstone school playground. We also went onto the climbing wall on the tiger turf. Back in the classroom we did a variety of activities like playing draughts and building things with big blocks. After break, we made our sandwiches for the picnic using the ingredients we had chosen. Then after lunch, we enjoyed our picnic in the classroom. We put blankets onto the floor and sat eating our lovely food. Everyone had a great time.

On Wednesday 23rd October 2019 year 7 had another pupil wellbeing day. This day consisted of activities linked to our Physical Education (PE), Design Technology, Spanish and music. Instead of our usual PE lesson, we booked the swimming pool at Smith’s Wood Academy so we could have a ‘play & swim’ session. This was great fun. Then after break time, we made some pizzas. To do this we made the pizza dough using a bread mix. The dough was then placed onto baking trays and tomato puree was spread onto the base top. We each had a section of the dough to put our favourite toppings from the ingredients. The pizza dough was then left to rise and we went to the school hall to join in an African drumming session. After lunch, we went to the cooking room and cooked our pizzas in the ovens. Whilst we were waiting for the pizzas to cook, we played some Spanish games and decorated some cupcakes. We then ate our pizzas tidied up and went home very happy and tired after a fun and active day.