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Students can now start their Covid-19 and keep fit diaries. Please read the activities below!

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Interview your parents/carers


Children should create questions for their parent/carer to answer about what year 7 was like when parents/carers were at school.

This is a good opportunity to talk about similarities and differences.

Children can write similarities and differences on a piece of paper and send a photo in to class dojo.

Have some fun with the interviews but children can be shown that interviews are formal and what attire would usually be worn.

Send some photos of similarities and differences and message me on class dojo telling me how they went!


Enjoy laugh





Maths - Recapping Time


I want you to draw around a small cup 5 times so you have 5 clocks.

Add the numbers into your clock, try and spread them out evenly if you can.

Try to add these 5 times to see if you can remember how to tell the time.

1 o'clock, half past 2, half past 8, quarter past 4 and quarter to 11.


O'clock - big hand points to the 12.

Half past - big hand points to the 6.

Quarter past - big hand points to the 3.

Quarter to - big hand is on the 9.

No more clues, good luck!



Daily activity

I know we have been off for a while now but I am sure there are lots and lots of fun activities you have been doing.


I would like you to start a Covid-19 diary. This can be typed or handwritten.


It must include a diary entry that starts with the short date and Dear Diary.


I would like to know what things you have been getting up to (food you've eaten, exercise, games, work, who you have seen/not seen) and how Covid-19 has made you feel.


Your diary entries should only be short and updated daily. (If you would like to you could try and back date your diary entries to when we left school in March). 


Please take photos of your diary entries and upload them for me to see on our Class Dojo page.


Look forward to reading them!




Daily exercise 

Create a small space in your bedroom, living room or anywhere else that is safe in your home.

I want you to keep a fitness diary.

See how many of each exercise you can do in one minute.

Squats, sit ups, star jumps, press ups, running on the spot, bunny hops, snow angels.

You should do as many as you can in one minute, rest for two minutes and then try the next exercise. Write down how many you do and try to beat your score tomorrow.

You can upload your weekly scores to our Class Dojo page, just send a picture!


Here are some things we have been doing around mindfulness in class.


This term our topic is ‘around the world’, so on Wednesday 5th February year 7 had another pupil wellbeing day. This day consisted of activities linked to our Physical Education (PE), Design Technology and Spanish lessons. Instead of our usual PE lesson, we booked the swimming pool at Smith’s Wood Academy so we could have another ‘play & swim’ session.

This was great fun. Then after break time, we participated in a ‘taste food from around the world session’. This consisted of foods that were vegetarian, low in salt and low in fats to show that we could enjoy foods that were good for us and could be accessible for everyone. We also had foods that were spicy and not so spicy to see which we liked best. The spicy salsa came out ‘tops’. After our buffet we had a game of indoor ‘boccha’, it is a bit like bowls and we had to compete to see which team got their ball closer to the white ball and scored the most points.

After lunch, we had a bolognese food tasting Spanish lesson in the cookery room. The teacher cooked two bolognese sauces, one with spices and one without, and we had to decide which was our favourite. We also had to name the foods that we could remember in Spanish and learnt some new Spanish words. 


On Tuesday 15th October 2019 year 7 had a pupil wellbeing day. This day consisted of a whole day of activities linked to our Design Technology (DT)  topic, healthy eating. In DT we have been planning a healthy picnic. During our first session of DT we discussed what healthy eating is and made a mind map of our ideas. We then in our next session made a plan of what we actually wanted to have in our picnic. During this lesson, we also tasted different types of food that could be included. Then we had our mindfulness day. The first two lessons we did some mindfulness walks in the sensory garden and went onto the apparatus in Merstone school playground. We also went onto the climbing wall on the tiger turf. Back in the classroom we did a variety of activities like playing draughts and building things with big blocks. After break, we made our sandwiches for the picnic using the ingredients we had chosen. Then after lunch, we enjoyed our picnic in the classroom. We put blankets onto the floor and sat eating our lovely food. Everyone had a great time.

On Wednesday 23rd October 2019 year 7 had another pupil wellbeing day. This day consisted of activities linked to our Physical Education (PE), Design Technology, Spanish and music. Instead of our usual PE lesson, we booked the swimming pool at Smith’s Wood Academy so we could have a ‘play & swim’ session. This was great fun. Then after break time, we made some pizzas. To do this we made the pizza dough using a bread mix. The dough was then placed onto baking trays and tomato puree was spread onto the base top. We each had a section of the dough to put our favourite toppings from the ingredients. The pizza dough was then left to rise and we went to the school hall to join in an African drumming session. After lunch, we went to the cooking room and cooked our pizzas in the ovens. Whilst we were waiting for the pizzas to cook, we played some Spanish games and decorated some cupcakes. We then ate our pizzas tidied up and went home very happy and tired after a fun and active day.