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Teacher : Mr Jacques

Learning Support Assistants : Mrs Rodgers, Miss Hashim & Mrs Smith

Welcome to year 8 2020/2021 it has been a very strange year indeed. We have experienced many changes since the first lockdown in March 2020 and most of us finished our last academic year in our homes. However, since September 2020 we have been very fortunate in year 8 to not only be able to stay with our friends, but also stay with the same teaching staff. This has enabled us to settle very quickly and carry on where we left off. However, things are very different as we learn to adapt to the new COVID friendly rules to keep us safe.

We have become accustomed to living in our school bubble and have continued with our lessons. However, we did have to isolate during November and work from home again. It was only for 2 weeks and we had plenty to do. The teachers sent us work packs to our homes and we accessed DOJO on line. This meant that we were able to do many different activities and share them on the class story and our personal profiles. Even though it was only November, some of us decided to cheer ourselves up and put up our Christmas trees and decorations.  We had different activities to do like cooking and making a cup of tea etc. We also had work to support our wellbeing and help us during this strange time. 

As we near the end of this school term we have been very busy doing Christmas activities. We have made Christmas wreaths to take home; some of us stuck chocolate sweets on them to eat at home after we have broken up from school. We also made Christmas hats to wear at the school Christmas dinner on 16th December. The 16th was also Christmas jumper day and some of us wore our jumpers it was amazing how many different jumpers there are.

On the 16th, we also made cakes for our classroom Christmas party on 17th. The party was fun and we ended the day dancing and playing musical statues.


On the 18th, we chilled in the morning and watched Christmas films. Then after lunch, we got ready and went home early.

Well after a truly eventful year 8 would like to wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. See you next year xxx

WOW! It is the summer term already and it feels that time has gone by so fast. Due to the COVID restrictions’ we have been limited in what we have been able to do. However, for the last three school Mondays we have been going into the woods next to the school (Smiths’ Woods) to do some Forest Schools activities. We have played games, explored the woods and the last two sessions we have made some shelters. To do this we have used large tarp sheeting, the inside of tents and rope. It has been great fun and we hope you enjoy our photos.

Hi, this week we have visited the wood again for forest schools. First we had a walk around the woods in a big group and hung up some treats for the wildlife on branches of the trees. The treats were 'cherios on string' which we had made in the classroom the day before. Next, we did an orienteering activity in three small groups supported by an adult (although we did all the work and the adults followed us). We had to find clues hidden by Mr Jacques and complete a worksheet. It was great fun and something we will be doing again in the future. Hope you like our photos...

On 17th May 2021 year 8 had a well being day. During the day we did lots of activities. It was an interesting day as you can see in the plan and lots of fun. Hope you enjoy our photos.

6th July 2021

This term we have combined various lessons, for example, art, design technology, humanities, religious education, to name a few, to make an Anglo Saxon settlement out of recycled materials. This is a whole class project designed and made by year 8 with minimum support. This is what we have done so far. Hope you like the pictures...

8th July 2021


We have done some more work on our Anglo Saxon Settlement. Hope you like the pictures...