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Welcome to our year 9 page smiley Our staff are:


Mrs Wassell (Monday) and Miss Wood (Tues-Friday)




Miss Dudley, Ms Morton, Mrs Rodgers (Mon, Weds, Thurs) and Mrs Fardy (Tues, Fri)


In year 9 we work very hard to make a good start on our qualifications which we carry on doing in to year 10. In English and Maths we begin our Entry level qualifications. In English we are learning about Advertising and how Brands target specific audiences. We are designing and developing our own unique products to be advertised too.


In Maths we are covering a range of topics which will help us to become more independent as we grow up. Amongst other things, we learn about time, money and solving problems.


We are also working on our ASDAN portfolios whoch will take us all the way into Year 11. Some of us are even on our Bronze Certificates already: our staff are so proud of us all. yes


Please check out our Dojo page for regular messages and updates on Theme Days and events at school.



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