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Paper plate Earth

You could paint it or decorate it in anyway you chose, using what you have at home. Earth is an example, you could be creative and do this with different planets.... you could start by painting or colouring the whole plate blue or whichever colour you chose depending on what planet you are creating then add the detail, other ideas you could use would be cutting out paper to make shapes for the land, glitter, tissue paper


Craft Astronauts 

Another little art/craft idea to go alongside the planets is creating an astronaut who can then visit the planets....the children can design and make these in any way they chose, the pictures just give some ideas that use very basic materials, white card, toilet roll tubes and felt tip pens..


We have Planets, we have Astronauts, now we need Aliens... the aim is to use recyclable materials and items that can be found round the house, tin cans, cardboard boxes, paper plates, card, stones from the garden. Here are few ideas...