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ASDAN Activities


Below are some activities targeted for specific pupils to help you keep your ASDAN folders in progress.


6A8 is specifically targeted for the following pupils. MH, BC, RA, JB, JM, JH and TW. You don't need to print this sheet, maybe it could be written out and if you take a photo of you all playing the game we can include this at a later date.


1A2 is specifically targeted to the following pupils, MH, BC, JB, RA, TW and JM. Again, you use the questions sheet to guide you, you don't have to use the exact sheet.


ALL PUPILS can do Home Management document. This does not need to be printed, you could use the template to write the details down.


6A1 is specifically targeted to MH, BC, RA, JB, JM and TW. If you can use computer or tablet to get prices of food / drink items of your choice and use the template to create a handwritten one that would be fantastic. Add up the totals for each supermarket and compare them using the questions at the bottom of the document.