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ASDAN challenges 


2A3 Research a social/local issue e.g. car crime, vandalism


3A7 Research different leisure facilities and sport activities in your local area


3B3 Research all opportunities for taking part in a sport in your community (Birmingham/Solihull) - then produce a leaflet to inform others about what they could do and where they could do it.


4A1 List safety rules to be followed when using gas, electricity and water. Locate the gas, electricity and water and show how to turn them off. Show that you know how to contact the services in a an emergency.


4A4 Wash and iron items of clothing for yourself (include pictures and a write up).


4A8 Clean a bike and carry out safety checks, including: brakes, lights, chain/gears and tyres.


4A12 Bake and decorate a cake suitable for a celebration (include pictures and a write up