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Our Topic for this Half Term is...





Year 4/5 are learning about...












Mindfulness Sessions


In Year 4/5 we practise being Mindful. This involves taking time to use our senses to notice things around us. We practise being calm and focus on calm breathing. We use a range of activities to promote Mindfulness such as visualisation activities, mindfulness colouring and using our senses to explore different things.


We have made pinwheels to practise calm breathing.



We enjoyed the 'Melt the snowman' visualisation activity. We then felt some ice from the playground. 




We have tried something new this term...


Mindful Food Tasting











SMILE Sensory Sessions with Year 4/5


Year 4/5 pupils will be taking part in weekly SMILE Sensory Sessions, as part of our school SMILE ethos. We will be focusing on all aspects, such as Socialising, Movement, Interest, Learning and Engaging pupils in a variety of sensory activities.  


Session 1 - Cup Blowing



Session 2 - Rice Colouring








Dates for your diary...


Monday 29th April 2019 - Back to school


Monday 6th May 2019 - Bank Holiday


Friday 24th May 2019 - Break up for half term