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Class 7L


Mrs Lloyd (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
Mrs Judge (Thursday & Friday)


Miss Dudley
Mrs Shah

Black Country Living Museum


Black Country Living Museum is a remarkable place to explore, enjoy and spend time with your classmates. Set in a landscape of 26 acres, it is one of the most extraordinary open-air museums in the UK; offering a glimpse into 300 years of history like no other. Class 7L had a fantastic time exploring through the museum and playing with old school toys. They also had a Victorian classroom experience where they got to see how things have changed in schools from then and now.  

Harry Potter World


7L had a fantastic time at Harry Potter World! They walked in the footsteps of Harry Potter and explored the wonders of the Wizarding World. The tour consisted of stunning costumes, breathtakingly detailed sets and intricate props. They also had the opportunity to use a Green Screen and fly on their broomstick! 7L explored several film settings and also had the chance to go inside the train which the film stars used to shoot the iconic movie scenes. All the classmates had a wonderful time together and created some great memories!  

Jimmy Spices


Our topic this Spring (term 1) was 'All Around The World' and class 7L had the privilege to go to Jimmy Spices, which is a restaurant with an innovative idea that celebrates the diversity of cuisines from all over the globe. With live kitchens, the immense variety and buzzing atmosphere, it was definitely the place to be for class 7L to experiment and  try new foods around the world.

Merry Christmas From Class 7L!


Class 7L had a fun-filled time celebrating this festive season and created great memories!

7L ventured out with their class teachers to enjoy a British Roast Dinner at The Bradford Arms, Toby Carvery. The class had a wonderful time together at a sit down meal, enjoying each other’s company! We had some great food and all the children cleared their plates! We also travelled on the bus and the children were excellent.

Our Mindfulness


Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.

Class 7L love practising their mindfulness through walks in the morning, yoga, colouring, meditation, and even mindfulness eating.

Shirley Golf Club


Bordered by fields and natural woodland on the outskirts of south Birmingham, Shirley Golf Club nestles in the Blythe Valley. Class 7L enjoyed a well-planned blend of parkland with mature wooded areas, to learn the rules of golfing by a great coach. They had plenty of opportunities to open their shoulders and to test their golfing skills.

7L showing off their new found skills

Harvest Festival


During the middle of autumn, when all the crops have been harvested, Forest Oak hosts a Thanksgiving ceremony to celebrate the food grown on the land and the success of harvest worldwide. Everyone is 7L contributed by bringing in foods to be distributed to those that need it. We are also very proud of 7L’s performance during the ceremony.

A performance to remember!