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Miss Collins - image to follow


Miss Doherty - Monday-Friday
Miss Wilson - Monday - Wednesday
Miss Bates - Thursday and Friday

During the Spring term, R/YR1 will be looking at stories


Week 1 -  The Gingerbread Man   

Week 2 - Elmer     


Week 3 - The Elves and the Shoemaker    



Week 4 - Jack and the Beanstalk    Image result for jack and the beanstalk book


Week 5 - Lost and Found 


Week 6 - Tiddler 

R/YR1's Trip to the Sealife Centre 

on Thursday 28th March we had a family appreciation morning. our mommy's , daddy's, nanny's and grandads came to school to see us and do activities. some of our families couldn't make it so we had our teachers as our family.

Lost and Found Icebergs. As part of our work on the book lost and found, we made our own icebergs, our teachers placed some creatures inside our icebergs that we had to rescue by melting the iceberg. we used salt and warm water and watched the ice melt and the creatures be free. 

World  Book Day - Thursday 7th March 


We designed our own Elmer the Elephant.


We have read and watched stories.


We have also made story spoons of the characters we dressed up as 

We designed our own class Elmer the Elephant

On Wednesday 27th, R/YR1 went on a walk to the local shops to use their maths knowledge of money and given 25p to buy some sweets. They had to choose their sweet and then go to the till with the money to pay the shop keeper for the sweets.


The class were well behaved and really enjoyed walking to the shops and buying their sweets, we were very proud of them!

During the Autumn term R/YR1 have been learning all about ourselves, they have learnt about different parts of the body and our senses. As part of our topic we have been on a sensory walk to the woods to listen to the rustling of the leaves and see what Autumn objects we could find. We have also made fruit kebabs and our own pizza faces.


R/YR1 have started to visit the Sutton Coldfield Donkey Sanctuary, we have lots of fun brushing, feeding and helping to walk the donkeys around the inside arena. 



Who are R/YR1 proud of this week:

08.03.19 - Evie Marie- For great recalling of the story of Elmer the Elephant

                 Nathan F - For great work in maths using money.

                 All of R/Yr1 - For great work on the story of Elmer, making a there own collage of Elmer the Elephant                                         and writing about why they were unique.


15.01.2019 - Nathan F, Evie Marie, Lyla-Hope, Jack, Alex M, Jordan and Beau - For amazing behaviour

                     Nathan F, Beau, Jack, Alexander O and Evie Marie -  For wonderful handwriting


22.03.2019 - All of R/YR1 - for growing beans for jack and the beanstalk and there learning about the lifecycle of                                            a  bean.

                       Oliver - for good behaviour this week





Who is going to the Golden Time Reward Party this week:


15.01.2019 - Evie Marie and Lyla Hope

22.03.2019 - Jordan, Nathan F and Beau

Useful Links and Websites ( scroll to the bottom of the page and click onto home you can then download the app to your ipad, tablet or phone  ) R/YR1 use this webiste as part of their wake and shake time in the mornings or for mindfullness activities ( support for both parents/carers and children, there are events that can be attended and pictures of past events)


Here is a link to a range of outdoors activities by the National Trust  ( 50 Things to do before your 11 3/4) . there is a link to download with a full list of the activities.