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After School Cricket Club SUMMER 2019


This year we have decided to have an after school cricket club. The first 45 minute session started on Thursday  6th June 2019 and is going to run till the end of the summer term. The club is being run by Mr Marriott and Mr Money with Mrs Smith acting as news editor.

Session one started on a lovely sunny afternoon. Mr Money led the group with warm-up stretching exercises to make sure the group were ready to participate and learn skills related to cricket.

Throughout the session Mr Marriott introduced everyone to the equipment needed to play cricket and let them practice in pairs the different skills. These were, to throw the cricket balls, catch the cricket balls and hit the balls with the cricket bat.  Before going home the group was put into two teams and a cricket match was played, it was great fun. What a great first session. In fact, everyone had a fantastic time and didn’t want to go home.

Other members of staff also dropped in to support our first session. Indeed, Mrs Chapman and Miss Harbidge did a fantastic job of cheering the cricketers on and helping tidy equipment at the end of the session.

Thursday 12th June 2019

After the warm-up with Mr Money, Mr Marriot split the pupils into three groups Each group were sent to three different zones with activities planned to improve their cricket skills.  The first zone consisted of three wickets and cricket balls. In this zone the pupils lined up and had to aim and throw the balls at the wickets with the intention of knocking them down. The idea is to improve their throwing and aiming skills. The next zone consisted of the pupils putting a ball onto a tee and hitting it with the cricket bat. The idea is to practice and improve their batting skills and to use the bat in the correct manor. The third zone consisted of the pupils running around markers placed in a big circle and throwing a ball to each other. The idea is to improve throwing and catching skills but also practice the concept of concentrating and keeping their eyes on the ball at all times whilst moving and running safely.  Once everyone had visited each zone the whole group were brought together for a cricket match to put what they had learnt into practice. Chloe and Bradley were the captains and had the task of picking their teams from the whole group and playing a match. It was obvious during the game that the pupils had already began to master their new developed skills and an amazing time was had by all.

This week 20th June 2019 we did our normal warm-up and then we split into two teams and played a match. I think it was extraordinary how hard the balls are. It is hard to hit the ball when it is going fast but easier when it is hit in the right direction. The helmet was very tight for people like Jordan so I helped him do it up. I think the cricket is very enjoyable except when the hard ball hits your hands. That’s all I have to say really so this is Charlie P signing off.


Week 4 - Thursday 27th June 2019

Today gave us a lovely sunny warm afternoon for our cricket training. It was also Lewis H's birthday so we had some fun lifting him in the air to celebrate. Lewis was then one of the team leaders and teams were chosen. We went straight into a game to show how our skills had progressed. It was great!

Week 5 - This week during our session everyone learnt how to hold the ball correctly and bowl the ball so it is more effective during the matches. During this time Mrs Smith asked the views of some of the pupils about how they are finding these cricket sessions. The questions were; What have you learnt? What have you enjoyed? What did you not like? and, What is your favourite part? Here are some of the replies -


Jamie M – I have learnt how to play better, how to bowl the correct way and how to throw. I enjoyed it when it was Lewis’s birthday and we lifted him up, it was funny. There is nothing I did not like. My favourite part and best moment is trying to catch the ball.

Dave C – I’ve enjoyed batting and fielding. I enjoyed playing the game Because I enjoy batting. I have learnt to do batting and hitting.

Bailey K– I have learnt about batting and fielding. I have enjoyed working as a team. I have learnt how to bat and stand properly.

Aaron D – I have learnt how to play real cricket and how brutal and hard cricket is. Batting is really good but the balls are a bit scary. Batting keeps you on your toes.

Charlie P – I have learnt how to hit the ball correctly in the right position and stance. I have learnt when to, or not to, go forward or backwards when hitting the ball. I enjoyed seeing Mr Marriott having a laugh and my best bits are helping other practice. Catching is the hardest bit, the ball is too hard for my liking. My favourite part is helping others.

Thomas W – I have learnt how to hit the ball properly this week and how to throw the ball properly. I have enjoyed coming to the training and my favourite part is playing the matches.

Luke M – I have learnt how to play as a team and have learnt how to improve the way I stand when bowling and hitting the cricket ball. I have enjoyed all of the sessions and my favourite parts are, hitting, bowling and playing matches.

Bradley B

I have learnt how to throw the cricket ball at the stumps and how to bat. I have enjoyed all of the sessions and enjoy when we get to play cricket and have matches.

Harry S

I have learnt how to bat and how to bowl the cricket ball. I have enjoyed learning how to bat, there are a lot of things to think about and I think batting is cool.

Jordon Lee W

I have learnt how to bowl the cricket ball and bat properly with the cricket bat. I have also learnt how to wicket properly wearing the helmet and gloves. I have enjoyed all of the sessions and my favourite part is playing the matches to see how everyone performs.

Kailan D

I have learnt three different ways to throw the cricket ball, put it into position and hold it properly. I have enjoyed having the games, practicing new techniques and my favourite part is hitting the ball.

Joshua W

I have learnt how to catch the cricket ball properly and enjoyed the bowling. My favourite part is playing the matches.

James B

I have learnt how to run and catch the ball. I have also learnt how to hit the ball properly using the cricket bat and how to bowl the cricket ball. I have enjoyed playing the matches, this is my favourite bit.

Well! We’ve come to the end of another fantastic year of learning new things and improving skills. On Wednesday 17th July 2019 the cricket group put these new abilities to the test. We had a PUPILS V’s TEACHERS match on the field over at Smith’s wood school. It was a lovely sunny morning not too hot and dry. Pupils came out to support and cheer their peers on creating an atmosphere that was perfect.


The teachers taking part were in for a shock. As Mr Marriot quoted “My thanks to the staff that allowed themselves to be slowly beaten. It was evident that the 7 weeks coaching won the day. Well done to the CRICKET CLUB. Same again next year”. Mr Money added “A fab day was had by all. The club smashed the staff by 47 RUNS!”


Indeed, the cricket club totally outshone the teachers and were a credit to myself (Mrs Smith) Mr Marriot and Mr Money. We are so proud of the way the pupils have conducted themselves over these weeks and felt it was totally summed up by this quote of the season by Alfie Ford to Kailen Davis “COME ON BIG MAN TRY TO GET ME OUT”