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This term we will be learning to make our own sandwiches and practising our spreading and cutting skills.

The power point below shows you how to make a sandwich. 


Even though we will do this at school it would be great to practise at home with help of an adult for supervision.


Once you have made your sandwich. Could you order the pictures cutting them out and sticking them in the correct order.


The activity below is similar to the previous activity but this time we are ordering or writing the instructions on how to make the jam sandwich. 



Now you have tried a jam sandwich you could ask an adult to help you make a cheese sandwich or ham sandwich.


If you do practise at home don't forget to take a photo and send it to your teachers we would love to see it. 

Healthy Eating
Eating a range of foods from different food groups and also exercising keeps us healthy.
The two power points show you what foods belong to each group and why we should eat more of some foods. 
Can you decide what would be healthy and what would be unhealthy to put in a lunch box. You can download the pictures so you are able to cut them out.