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Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic Phonics.wmv

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code,

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

Jolly Phonic Songs

Jolly Phonics 42 letter sounds

In English, even though there are only 26 letters, there are actually 42 different sounds. This is because two or more letters together sometimes make just o...

Letter Formation Songs

Letter Formation (Read, Write, Inc.)


The children have loved learning about phonics with Geraldine the Giraffe.

All the clips can be found on YouTube 

Please click the link below to take you to the YouTube channel 


Below is an example 

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /n/ sound

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...


This is our new book.

Look at the picture.



Can you answer these questions? 


What do you think the characters job is?


Where do you think the story is set?


Can you predict what will happen in the story?


Before the end of the story, can you predict what will happen at the end of the story?




This amazing story time read aloud for key stage 1 is perfect for primary school children to learn about space! Bob has a very important job and has to a bus...

  Man on the moon activities 



Here are some pictures from the book the Man on the Moon. Can you write a sentence to say what happened in each picture.  What was Bob doing in each picture?
This is Bob's suitcase, 
Click on the word document if you would like to print your own suitcase.
A reminder: If you would like to show the teachers your activities you have done you can show us your work/ photos of your work on Dojo. 

Can you draw what you think Bob would take in his suitcase that he will take in his rocket.


This could be food, toys, clothes, tools, games, or technology. 

Do you remember when Bob cleaned the Moon, Can you think of what he will need to clean the moon and draw pictures or write what he will need. 

                        Week 2


Reading Activity Book 2


This week we have a new book, it is related to our space topic we are learning about. 


The Smeds and The Smoos.


Here is a picture of the front cover of the book. 



can you answer some questions before we read the book.


What do you think the main characters are in the picture?


How would you describe them? (colour, how they might be feeling?, are they scary/ nasty or nice/friendly) 


Where do you think this story is set? 


What are the other creatures in this picture? 


The author this time is Julia Donaldson, she writes a lot of books that we like that we have read at school and which you may of read at home. Can you think of any other books she has written ? 




Use your imagination, pretend you have landed on a planet that you have designed. This is your window from your rocket. As you look out of your window what would your planet look like? Can you draw it? 

Here is a post card,


Imagine that planets had post boxes and you could send letters and post cards to Earth or other planets.


From the picture of your planet you have just drawn. Can you write a few sentences to describe your own planet. What does it look like? Who lives there? What can you see? Write this on your postcard. 



Don't forget you can send your work as many of you do for your teachers to see on Dojo. Please send all your reading Activities to Miss Elkin. 
Here is the story to watch and listen to. I hope you enjoy it, I really liked it. 

'The Smeds And The Smoos' by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler ❤ Read by Karen Salter Poole ❤🦋✨

This one is for you Phoebe! ❤🦋✨

week 3 Reading activities


Eric and the Red planet


Before we listen to the story, can I ask you some questions about our new book. Look at the picture bellow of the front cover of the book.


where do you think our new book is set? Can you name the planet from learning about space?


what animal do you think Eric is?


What do you think will happen in the story?


What do you think Eric likes? use the picture to help you.



Once you have answered the questions on the picture of the front cover, you can now click the video below and watch and listen to the story of Eric and the Red Planet. I hope you enjoy the story.

Eric and the Red Planet: A Space Adventure with Numbers | Read Aloud Book for Kids

Join us a we read about Eric's the Bears favourite things and his amazing adventure to the awesome red planet. What will he find? Eric and the Red Planet: A ...

Code Cracker


Eric loves numbers. Eric has written you 2 messages using his numbers. Can you use the numbers to crack the code and reveal the messages.  You will need an adult to help you. If you enjoy the code cracker you could even write your own messages in code for Eric to read. 



I hope you enjoyed the code cracker. I have some questions for you based on the story you have just listen to, Eric and the red planet.


what was the cereal called that Eric was eating when he won the prize to visit a space base? 


What was Eric's friend called?


what was used to power the rocket? 


How many jars of honey was needed to get the rocket back home?


Where did the bears find honey on Mars?


Did you enjoy the story? If so which part was your favourite part. 

week 4


This week I have 2 stories for you to listen to.

There is no place like Space (Dr Seuss cat in the hat) and a story called Roaring Rockets. 


can you listen to the two stories. Click on both of the videos bellow. 

There's No Place Like Space (Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat) - Fun with Miss Alex

Hi! I'm Miss Alex! Are you ready to have fun today? It's story time! Today we're going to join our friend Cat in the Hat to learn about Space and the planets...

Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton - Read Aloud Stories for Kids

Join us as we head to the starry skies. Learn about rockets and gravity boots. Put on your oxygen helmets as we blast off into space with Roaring Rockets, an...

Once you have listened to both stories, can you pick the story you liked the most and answer the following questions.


What is the name of the book?


Who wrote the book?, can you write down the authors name. 


What was Your favourite part of the story?


How many stars would you give  the book?


1 star- I liked the book a little.

2 star- The book was ok.

3 stars- the book was good.

4 stars- the book was very good.

5 stars- I really enjoyed the story. 


can you draw me a picture from the book. 


You could answer these questions on a piece of paper or if you have a printer you could print off one of the book review work sheets below by clicking on the documents below. 

week 5


This week we have a story called Back to Earth with a bump. This story you can read with an adult. Can you join in and read the words that you are able to read. Once you have read/ listened to the story can you please  answer the questions, by writing the correct answer or selecting the correct answer. 

Once you have answered the questions could you do the activity bellow. 


Imagine you are going on a space adventure of your own what would you pack in your back pack? Think of what food would you take? Things to help you? Such as a torch. Ways to communicate to people back on Earth. You could even take someone with you. Who would your co space explorer be? 

Week 6


This week we have a story called ET the extra terrestrial, children's version. I hope you enjoy the story. 

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial | A Classic Story Book for Kids

Enjoy one of the world's beloved science fiction story about a stranded alien on earth. Taking cues from the original film and illustrated beautifully by Kim...

Once you have listened to the story, could you please answer some questions.


1. What did Elliot think was in the shed?

2. What did the goblin(ET) like to eat?

3. Where did ET hide from Elliot's mom?

4.What did Elliot's sister teach ET to do?

5. What was ET's special power?

6. Where did ET want to go?

7. How did ET get home? 



As the children are at home for the next few weeks, I have put some spelling games on here that they may enjoy: