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English Learning Objectives, Spring 2 2021: Non-chronological Reports.


Compare a range of non-chronological texts on a particular theme.
Identify main features.
During shared reading demonstrate how to locate specific information using contents and index sections.
Demonstrate how to answer specific questions using text.
Provide a range of simple ICT and paper based non-chronological reports to read in pairs.
Discuss how reading tasks will support writing a non-chronological report.


This half-term we are focusing on 'Houses and Homes'.





Read the powerpoint about different types of houses and homes. Discuss homes that move and why someone might want to live in one.

After looking at the power point, complete the worksheet, To gather facts and present your findings. Draw your choice of static home and a travelling home. Write about each one. Choose the task that best suits your child. 1: Draw the two different types of homes and label them (adults can write the labels white a highlighter/pen/felt for your child to over-write). 2: The same as task 1 but child writes labels independently. 3: The same as task 2, plus child writes a sentence/paragraph about each type of home.






This week we are learning the sounds ou and se.

Both these sounds have two letters but each sound makes a single sound.

A sound with two letters is called a digraph.


Listen to the sounds in the links below and encourage your child to practise saying and recognising them.

Use the new sounds to read and write the word house.


h - ou - se