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The Weather


General Resource 

I can talk/draw/ write about different types of weather.


What do you already know about weather?

What types of weather do you know about?

Can you write/draw or tell me about them?



I can use photos to talk about and identify different types of weather.

Look at the pictures below.

Can you describe them?

Can your write about 2 pictures?

I can  talk about some extreme weather conditions

I can identify and understand some weather symbols that are used.

Use the powerpoint to talk about the different types of extreme weather 

Weather Symbols

Talk about the different symbols.

Look at the weather forecasts on line or on the TV. 

I can select different types of clothing for hot and cold weather.

What clothes would you wear in the hot, hot sun?

What would you wear to play on the snow?


Can you draw me a picture?