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                        I  can describe different geographical features

                                   using geographical vocabulary.

Watch the video below to learn about different geographical features.

Human geographical features

Geographical features

The pictures show lots of different places that we might see in the world around us.


*Look at each picture and try to describe what you can see in each one, use the descriptions at the bottom of the pictures to help you if you need to. 

*Choose two pictures that show something that we might see where we live, maybe close to our house or school - write about what you can see in the pictures.

*Have a think about whether your picture is a physical or human feature. 




I can use books, photographs and stories to find information.



Use this satellite picture of our school and surrounding area to find information about the local area. Can you find and write down the names of three things that are local to our school? These could be shops, places to eat or other schools.

Even though stories can be fun they can also give us lots of information. Listen to the story  'There's a map on my lap' up to time 6:19 and answer the following questions.


What can you use a map for?

What types of symbols or pictures might you see on a map?

What is a map of the earth called? 

There's a Map on My Lap: All About Maps (Read Aloud)

Welcome to our YouTube Channel for teachers, parents and kids! Today we read a book about maps. This book is part of "The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library" ...




I can identify what I like and dislike

about the local environment.


If you went for a walk in the local area surrounding our school these are some of the things that you would see. 

Our local environment

*Looking at the pictures can you write down 3 things you like about the local environment and 3 things that you do not like about the local environment and can you give the reasons why. 

*Do you think that there are more physical features (rivers, woodland, hills) or more human features (buildings, roads, bridges) in our local environment?




I know some physical features in the environment / I know some human features in the environment.



Use the word mats to remind you of the different types of geographical features then have a go at sorting the pictures.

Human and physical feature sorting cards

Now that you have a good idea of the difference between the human features and physical features all around us have a go at finding your own. 


*Either when on a walk or looking out of your window try to spot one human feature and one physical feature. Can you draw them?





I can make simple observations about the local environment.

Have a think about all of the different things you see when travelling around your local area, think about your journey to school. What do you see? Draw your observations and complete the journey map.  



I can ask geographical questions.


We ask can questions about an a certain area or building so that we can find out more about it and how it fits in to our local area. We can ask why a building is there and when it was built or where an area is on a map and how big it is. 


Look at this picture and see if you can answer the questions.


Now you have an idea of what questions to ask have a look at this picture and write down 3 questions that will help you find out more about the picture and the local area. Your questions can start with what, why, how, where.