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Home learning timetable and tasks to complete

Home Learning 2021 


Hard copies of this work is being sent out weekly. If you want to complete extra work for extra merits then please do, however this is not mandatory. if you want to choose topics from the list to complete and base it upon your timetable then again please feel free.  

If you require help in anyway or are not sure what level to complete with your child, as some of the work is differentiated, then please ask and we will be happy to support you in anyway we can.


Many Thanks

From 9H team

Spring Term 2
Spring Term 1


Home learning websites and resources. Online classroom which covers ALL subjects


This is a great website that has some lovely online quizzes. Which can be done at many levels for many different subject areas.


Free printable Lego challenge Times Table checker and games to test your knowledge.


Oti’s Kids Dance ClassOti from Strictly Come Dancing is doing daily dance classes at 11.30am for children on her YouTube channel. David Walliams reads a story at 11am Science lesson on the effects of smoking and alcohol. - This is for the gamers of you! to help create your own pixel art animation! ALL FREE a website and live stream for the graphic artists of you. This website explains how to use Pixil Art, Scratch, Twine and Bitsy. Virtual tour of the National History Museum A lovely site where you can see live cams of different animals in San Diego Zoo. I personally loved looking at the elephants (so cute) understanding the coral reef, Starfish and other ocean creatures. This is a website of Smart videos for curious minds of all ages. Animals, space, Technology, History facts and much more (every wondered why sloths are so slow well here you find out) Read, play games and hang out with Dr. Seuss Activities, jokes, games and exploring website for kids. This one is for the explores and scientists of you! A lovely site that explains lots of scientific questions easily and makes learning fun. for the animal lovers


Weekly spellings help and practice - spelling activities with specialist resources for each year group.







Week 1 home learning pack lessons

(Please use the worksheets for these lessons that have been posted to you )  


Monday 23rd November 2020 


Lesson 1 English: Using conjunctions to extend sentences 


Lesson 2 Maths : Maths vocabulary worksheet 


Lesson 3 ICT: Design a poster for remaining safe on the computer 


Lesson 4 Art: Draw a Weather picture or a picture of wellies 


Lesson 5 DT : Designing a fruit Salad workbook 


Tuesday 24th November 2020 


Lesson 1 PE SEND activity at home Activity sheet 1 


Lesson 2 PE SEND activity at home Activity sheet 1 continue 


Lesson 3 English:  Using Onomatopoeia worksheet  


Lesson 4 Maths Short division by sharing 


Lesson 5 Science: Adaptations worksheet 


Wednesday 24th November 2020 


Lesson 1 English: Homophones 


Lesson 2 Maths:  Multiplication challenge Grid 


Lesson 3 PSHCE: How to be kind to yourself worksheet 


Lesson 4 Science: Animal mind map 


Lesson 5 PSHCE: Start your self reflection journal 


Thursday 24th November 2020 


Lesson 1 English: Reading booklet on Endangered species and questions 


Lesson 2 Maths: Division by Sharing and number word search  


Lesson 3 ASDAN: Challenge 5A4 Present a study of a wild animal found in Britain  


Lesson 4 Hum: Town Map Worksheet 


Lesson 5 PSHCE: Don't Worry about It! worksheet 


Friday 25th November 2020 


Lesson 1 English : My Spelling List Worksheet ( practice look cover write check ) word scramble 


Lesson 2 PSHCE : I am an Amazing Person Worksheet and looking after my Mental Wellbeing 


Lesson 3 Maths: Mathletics website 


Lesson 4 PSHCE: Be proud of yourself! worksheet