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We have been finding out about different animals, where they live and there habitats.

What can you remember about the animals? 

All About Polar Bears for Kids: Polar Bears for Children - FreeSchool

Polar bears are classified as marine mammals (just like seals, whales, and dolphins) because they spend so much time out on the sea ice and depend on the ocean to live. Of course, unlike whales, polar bears can walk and even run on land.

All About Sharks for Children: Animal Videos for Kids - FreeSchool

Help support more content like this! Come learn cool and interesting facts about sharks in this educational video! Where do sharks live? What do sharks eat? How many different kinds of sharks are there in the world? Are sharks mammals or fish?

Cool Facts about Hedgehogs - Educational Video for Kids

Cool facts about wild hedgehogs

When Henry came to visit

We were very lucky that Miss Elkin brought in her pet pygmy hedgehog Henry.



Tigers for Kids: Learn All About Tigers - FreeSchool

Tigers have been voted the world's favorite animal. The largest species of feline on earth, these black and orange striped big cats are amazing hunters. Unfortunately, they are endangered due to hunting by humans and habitat loss. Learn more about these cool creatures in this kid-friendly video!

All About Pandas for Kids - FreeSchool

Pandas are one of the world's favorite animals! They're black and white and furry all over, and as of 2016 they're off the endangered species list. Pandas are bears (yes, they really are bears and not members of the raccoon family) but unlike other bears, they mostly eat plants - bamboo to be precise.