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To extend your knowledge further or watch video's for support please go to the BBC bitesize link on Shape Space and Measure. 

Money, saving and budgeting Learning the value of money and budgeting 

Telling the time 


Ratio and Proportion 


For the coming week or so after Easter I would like you to look at ratio and proportion the link below will get you started, but there are some lovely FREE resources on twinkl and Mathletics that I recommend trying. I will also be allocating new tasks around this topic over the coming days. 


Happy learning! - Understanding ratio Ratio worksheets Worksheet or copy Mathletics login Maths lessons with Carol Voderman Maths Countdown game (challenge some of the adults in your family to this one!) Fun money Games for Kids – I defiantly recommend the “Fun Shopping Game for Kids” It gets harder as you play and focuses on change.