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Number Formation

2d Shape's

2d Shapes Practical Work

3d Shape's

Practical Work

A Half of a Shape

A half- and object or a number split into two equal parts

Practical Work

  • You could half a cake
  • Slice a pizza in half to share
  • Cut an apple in half 

A half of a Number 

We have been using the blocks to help us 1/2 a number.

We have been sharing the blocks into 2 circles and making sure that each circle has the same amount in each and saying they are both equal.

Why don't you try this at home.

A 1/4 (Quarter) of a Shape


This week are introducing the concept of 1/4 and using shapes to begin with and splitting the shape into 4 equal parts.

Maybe at home you could try and chop/split things in quarters 

We will also look at finding a quarter of a number by sharing the blocks into 4 circles and making sure they are equal.