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School Site Safety - Pedestrian & Vehicle



Please could we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines so that all pupils arriving and leaving school do so safely.


  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES park your car in the parking bays directly outside of the school building, or in any way obstruct the entrance to these parking bays. Do not park at either end of the rows. These are reserved for vehicles from the Transport Department.


  • Please DO NOT park your car in the staff car park. Please use the marked ‘Parent Drop Off Bays’ each morning and afternoon. If you have a disabled badge, please display it and use the disabled bays.


  • If you have not already done so, please collect a blue parking permit from the school office. There are members of staff from Smith’s Wood Sports College on duty at the entrance gate at 3.00 pm who will stop you entering school site if this is not displayed.


  • After you have dropped off or collected your child, please exit the site promptly to ensure that there are sufficient spaces for all Parents/Carers at Forest Oak School and Parents/Carers of Merstone School pupils as their start/finish time is shortly after Forest Oak School.


  • If, when arriving on site there are no available spaces in the drop off area (or disabled bays), we would ask that you park on the road outside of school or exit the site and drive around again to see if a space has become available.


  • Please adhere to the 5mph speed limit as there are a lot of pupils moving around site and be vigilant of pedestrians and cyclists.


  • Do not ride bicycles on site either on the path or car park.


  • Pedestrians should use the zebra crossing in front of school and should not cut through lines of stationary vehicles parked in bays directly outside the school building.


We thank you in anticipation of your co-operation. By following these guidelines it will ensure the safety of all pupils.