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Transport Guidelines

Transport Guidelines


Please observe the following guidelines so that all pupils arriving and leaving school do so safely:


  • When arriving on site, a.m. and p.m. use the minibus bays. Move down to the empty bays closest to the exit. DO NOT park in the first available bay. This will allow all vehicles to arrive and exit safely without blocking other vehicles.


  • DO NOT park in the ‘Parent Drop Off’ bays or the ‘Disabled’ bays.


  • DO NOT drive through the middle of parked vehicles. Wait for the vehicles in front to move off.


  • During a.m. drop off, escorts should accompany the pupils to the student gate (for Forest Oak pupils) or the entrance to school (for Merstone pupils) until they have access to enter school.


  • Vehicles collecting Merstone pupils at the end of the school day, should not arrive before 3.10 p.m.


If the guidelines are not observed, you will be reported the Transport Department at the Local Authority.