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Aims of Forest Oak

Parents, staff and pupils have contributed to the formulation of our aims. 

  • To provide a positive, nurturing, secure and fun learning environment in a culture of high expectation.
  • To provide a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum, differentiated to enable each pupil to achieve beyond expectation.
  • To work with wide ranging partnerships, and especially parents, in order to maximise each pupil’s opportunities for success.
  • To become self-motivated, enthusiastic and flexible lifelong learners.
  • To know themselves as learners, setting their own short-term targets and lifetime goals.
  • To learn to respect other people regardless of difference.
  • To develop the personal skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare them for living in a diverse multi-cultural, multi faith society.
  • To develop confidence and self-esteem, together with a self-awareness, which enables them to recognise their own strengths as well as the personal qualities or skills they need to develop further.
  • To develop the ability to recognise, articulate and manage their own emotions in appropriate ways.
  • To develop inter-personal skills including empathy for others; the ability to work as part of a diverse team; an inclination to build up the self-esteem of others, as well as the ability to resolve conflict peacefully.
  • To develop morally and value honesty; to develop spiritually and become reflective, creative individuals.
  • To develop into confident, independent young people, able to make positive life choices; to build and sustain positive relationships and take an active role in the local and wider community through work and leisure.