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Children and young people

What we say about our school!

Troy - "The best thing about 6th form is I get treated like an adult".

Liam - "My favourite subject is PSED because when we was learning about Mental Wellbeing, I could use my art book which helped me to focus".

Zoha - "The best thing about Forest Oak is, we get support when we need it".

Zoha - "My favourite subject is English as I have learnt how to read and write using phonics".

Kim - "I love school because it is the best school in the world! I love it because I play with my friends and teachers!"

Holly - "What I love about Forest Oak Sixth Form is all the staff who help me. At first i was scared to go to Sixth Form, but now I am used to it."

Jack - "Mr Pierce is so cool, I love PE!"

Alfie  "I enjoy everything about this school, especially all the crafting I get to do" 

Lily-Ann  - " I really like all my teachers they help me a lot" 

Jack  - I have the best of friends and teachers here, I'm so happy!"

Darcy – The teachers are really kind.

Dylan – I love seeing my friends.

Xavier – I love playing football in PE and going to football tournaments.

Bentley – I get to see Taylor my best mate.

Millie – I love working in my maths group.

Tia – I love doing Art and playing football. School is fun because I get to see my friends.

Jayden - My favourite thing about school is doing PE. I like playing sports with my friends and getting exercises. 

Katie – PE because it helps me become fitter and healthier.

Boo – I love computing because I can show staff my work on the computers.

Xavier – PE is my favourite because I love working in a team.

Cashi – PE because I can work on my weaknesses and build my strength and fitness.

Darcy – My favourite lesson is Maths because it is fun to do, and the staff help me.

Warren, “ I like learning about art at school. I like Art , DT & Computing because I like to do hands-on things like making and drawing things. “

Leighton, “ My favourite subjects are Art, computing and also English. I like computing because in my old school we didn’t have it, so it’s nice to have it at Forest Oak. 

I really liked making model volcanoes and Mrs Ensor made it fun.” 

Eden,” The best thing about school is seeing my friends. My favourite subjects are Maths, Art & PE because I’m good at them and I enjoy them.”

Theo, “The best thing about school is seeing your friends. I like PE & Computing because they are fun. “

Alfie, “I like computing and PE at school because I get to see my mates. My favourite subjects are

Art, Maths, Computing & PE.  I like Computing because I love technology. PE is where I’m active and happy and where I can be myself. In art, I can express my feelings through my drawings. “ 

Danyal - that we get to have wellbeing time on Friday afternoon.

Kim - We get to do Maths and watch White Rose Maths videos, and we get to do English where we can write sentences by ourselves. 

Alex - We have iPads and computing to help with my learning, like Groovy Joe in Spanish. 

Beau - having free time to use the computers on a Friday. 

Evie-Marie - We have different levels of work in our lessons so we get to understand each lesson more. 

Lukas - I like doing computing and using the printer. 

Daisy - we have iPad's to use to help with our work. 

Daniel - making new friends. 

Nathan - getting to work with Miss Twiddy

Alexander -  we do lots of fun maths.

Jordan - PE is great because we learn lots of different games.

Lyla - We get to go on  a lot of trips. 

Danyal - PE, because I get to play lots of games with all of my friends

Kim -  computing, because we get a lot of work done using computers. Maths, because we have different levels of challenges to work at, this helps me get better. 

Alex -  computing, because we get to use Scratch and Google.  I can now make word documents by myself. Spanish, because I like using Groovy Joe

Beau - maths, because we get lots of help from our teachers. 

Evie - Marie - PE, because it teaches you that you cannot always win. 

Lukas - computing because the lessons are fun.

Daisy - Spanish, because I like the Spanish songs we sing to help us learn. 

Daniel - PE, because we get to learn how new games work. Computing, because working on computers is more fun than writing. 

Nathan - PE, because we get to play games that some of us know and it gets the excitement going.  Maths, because we get to work in all the areas of maths. 

Alexander - Computing because the lessons are really fun. 

Jordan - PE, because we get to develop our skills using games we love. Life skills, because they help me learn to be a better person for when I grow up, so I can do things for myself. 

Lyla - PE, because I love all the games we play.  Computing, because I learn to do things on computers for myself.