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Eco School

The Eco Committee consists of two staff members, a Governor and '12 Eco Warriors' from Forest Oak School and Merstone School who meet either as a whole or part every two weeks.

As a school, we want to push towards gaining Green Flag Status this year.  We have already successfully been awarded the Bronze and Silver Awards and are very close to gaining the ECO-Schools Green Flag International Award.  As part of the criteria for the Green Flag, we also need to show that ECO topics are linked to the curriculum.  This means that we need to work together as a whole school and collect evidence of any projects we do throughout the academic year. 

There are nine main topics we can be involved in to gain the ECO School Green Flag Status. These are Energy, Litter, Waste, Transport, Water, School Grounds, Healthy Living, and Biodiversity and Global Perspective.  We are already doing lots of these with our Healthy Eating Status, Forest Schools etc.

We are concentrating on three of these topics in order to apply for the status, but we would like to do more to help increase our chance of success.   The Green Flag Status is also reviewed so this is an ongoing project.

The three main topics which the Eco Committee has decided to focus on this year are Energy, Litter and Waste.  We have already made great progress in these areas but still need to continue to do more in order to make our school more sustainable.  For example, turning off unused or unneeded electrical appliances and lights and encouraging each other to use the correct litter bins.    We look forward to seeing the 'Green Flag' fly above our school in the near future!