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Home School Agreement

Pupil responsibilities:

I Promise…

  • To have a restorative approach when problems occur.
  • To come to school with a positive attitude, ready to learn.
  • To know and follow school rules.
  • To make positive choices and be responsible for the consequences of my behaviour.
  • To complete homework on time.
  • To wear the correct uniform to school every day.
School responsibilities:

We promise…

  • To have a  restorative approach at all times.
  • To provide a positive, motivating and stimulating learning environment.
  • To keep young people safe at school.
  • To work together with pupils, parents and carers to achieve success.
  • To positively manage behaviour in a fair and consistent way.
  • To recognise and celebrate each pupil’s individual needs and successes.
Home responsibilities:

We promise…

  • To work with the school in a restorative way.
  • To support my child in arriving at school on time, prepared for the day.
  • To communicate with school any issues which may affect my child’s learning.
  • To support school policies in the positive management of behaviour.
  • To provide healthy snacks and the correct school uniform for my child every day.
  • To support my child with their reading and homework.