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The intention of the music scheme of work is to first and foremost enable the learners to

develop a passion for music. The curriculum provided focuses on developing skills,

knowledge and understanding that pupils need to be able to become performers,

composers and listeners. The curriculum includes music from around the world and from

different genres, developing children’s respect and appreciation of music from different

cultures and traditions.

Children will develop their musical skills through singing, playing tuned a untuned

instruments, improvising and composing music, and listening/responding to music.

Through the curriculum children will develop an understanding of the history of music along

with a cultural background. Through listening to music and playing instruments children will

learn how to write down music. An important part of our music curriculum is children will

develop transferable skills, such as team-work, creative thinking, decision making,

leadership and performance skills. All of these skills are important to children’s

development as learners across the curriculum.