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Physical Education

At Forest Oak School we deliver a high quality and wide range of PE activities, providing

opportunities for learners to gain a breadth of experience of physical activity in a variety of

forms. We incorporate the 6 key areas of the PE curriculum including:

- Dance

- Gymnastics

- Athletics

- Games

- Swimming (primary)

- Outdoor education (secondary)

We follow a curriculum that allows learners to reach their full potential within their own

capabilities and needs, providing opportunities for learners to gain confidence working

individually, in pairs and as part of a team.

We empower learners, aiding them with finding enjoyment in exercise and sports. Through

this enjoyment, we see learners making a meaningful and conscious effort of supporting

their own healthy lifestyle and wellbeing throughout their journey at Forest Oak School,

setting them up for life after school.

We provide fantastic opportunities for learners to gain invaluable experience in outdoor

activities and gain accreditation by completing the Bronze and Silver award in Duke of


We provide opportunities for learners be a part of the wider community by joining sport

events organised by SEND active.

We help encourage learners to extend their knowledge and understanding of sports and

physical activity by joining after school provision like Multi-Sport club.