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SMILE Research Project


WELCOME to the SMILE research project section of the website.

This is accessible to only SMILE research schools and includes all  staff who attended the initial briefing to schools. Please contact Forest Oak office if you need additional staff to access the area.

Hopefully this will be a valuable point for all SMILE schools to share resources and support each other through the project. I have uploaded many of the resources & tools and will update  to try & include links & additional EHWB resources.

If there is anything you want included please let me know and feel free to add to the 'Share' section.

Thanks, Issy.


Whole school and whole class delivered question do not need consent but individual pupil's case studies would so...........

the pupil questionnaires do not need permission from parents as they are classed as baselines and part of the learning environment.

If you are writing a pupil case study which then may include individual responses from questionnaire, it would need parent permission but they suggest sending out to all pupils in class, not just those chosen.  


Schools' conference 9th June

National Conference: 22nd October

Barry has finalised these dates, more information will follow when plans made