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School Council - Pupil Voice

Forest Oak School Council

At Forest Oak we have an upper and lower school council. Each of these councils is made up of 8 students.  They are led by Chair Person, who monitors each meeting and prompts discussion whenever needed.  The Council is organised by secretary who will record all of the councils meetings and discussions.

We discuss a broad range of issues from fundraising and Pupil Voice to how to be a healthy school.  Last year the pupils are Forest Oak decided that they wanted to dedicate their time to raising funds for the Harry Moseley Charity.  We were very proud to help this charity.  We raised as much money as we could through the selling of his bracelets.  Through the School Council last year we were able to further involve Forest Oak in the Solihull Special Needs School community, contributing stories, pictures and jokes from our pupils into a monthly newsletter.

Our school council meets every two weeks.  The council always focuses on the School Improvement Plan.   For each meeting an agenda will be created for the Council to discuss.  This is made up of items put forward by the pupils, staff and senior leadership team.

We meet up in different classrooms every other week.  This allows the pupils to see different parts of the school which they are working to improve.  It also allows students from the lower year groups to feel comfortable in their own classrooms.

At Forest Oak, we feel it is really important to give all our pupils a voice.  The School Council aims to encourage young leadership, decision making and therefore the pupils’ contribution to school life.  The School Council is an essential part of life at Forest Oak.

2023 -2024 Pupil Voice

School Council - Year 5 - George, Year 6 - Jordan and Alexander, 7A - Reece and Leo, 7B - Jez and Lily-Ann, Year 8 - Leighton and Eden, 9A - Charlie and Cashi, 9B - Katie and Rio

Our School Council Team is currently made up of a representative and deputy from Year 5-9. These students have regular meetings to share their own opinions and ideas, as well as those of their peers. Our School Council Team works to ensure Forest Oak is a happy, safe space for all of the learners, we aim to gain and incorporate the pupils decisions into important changes. 

Class Prefects - 9B - Dylan, Darcy and Boo

The Class Prefects are a new addition to the Pupil Voice Team. They are Year 9 pupils who give additional support to the class staff by helping with classroom jobs. These pupils help to hand out books, worksheets, collect printing and ensure pupils have their fruit and milk. They set a fantastic example to how students should behave within the classroom.

School Prefects - 9A - Reisse, Alex and Charlie, 9B - Tia, Xavier and Taylor

The School Prefects are a small team of Year 9 students. They set a great example on how to behave around school to the younger students and help to keep the school tidy. School Prefects help out in Friday achievement assemblies by handing out certificates, stacking chairs and holding doors at the start and end. School Prefects have the opportunity to gain more personalised responsibilities throughout the academic year. 

JLT - Year 11 - Harriet and Tyler, Year 10 - Rhys and Georgina

The Junior Leadership Team is comprised of four KS4 students. We have two Head Students and two Deputy Head Students who represent Forest Oak around school and during events, such as open days, parents evening and whole school assemblies. These students have meetings to share the opinions and ideas of KS4 to ensure they feel happy and safe at Oakwood, they set an incredible example and are role models to Forest Oak's younger students.