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All pupils are expected to wear full school uniform.  It is helpful in promoting a positive identity and is relatively cheap, hard wearing and practical.  Sending your child into school in uniform sets a standard in appearance of which both parents and the school can be proud.

  • Jewellery and body/facial piercings, other than one pair of small stud earrings and a watch, are not to be worn.  Pupils will be asked to remove any items that are not permitted.
  • Ear Piercing - pupils will be asked to remove earrings for PE.  If you wish to get yourchild's ears pierced, do so only at the start of the summer holiday so that on their return, they will be able to remove them.  If your child is unable to put the earring in and out by themselves, do not allow them to wear them on days when they have PE.
  • Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery of any kind for PE.
  • Pupils are allowed to wear white t-shirts under blouse/polo shirt – no coloured/patterned t-shirts.
  • No extreme haircuts or colours are permitted.
  • Make up, including coloured nail varnish and lip gloss, should not be worn, unless for medical purposes (a medical note to confirm will be required).
  • Caps/hats must be removed when entering the school building.  They can be worn outside during break and lunch time.  Caps/hats with offensive logos or word on them will not be permitted.

Parents/carers will be contacted if pupils do not wear correct items of uniform and will be requested to bring in correct clothing/footwear.  If necessary, second hand uniform will be provided by school to be returned at the end of the day.

Uniform is supplied and ordered on line at  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IT CAN TAKE UP TO FOUR WEEKS FOR UNIFORM TO ARRIVE AT YOUR DELIVERY ADDRESS DURING BUSY PERIODS. We have a few items of school uniform to buy from school at competitive prices so please feel free to check with us first.  All items of uniform have the school logo embroidered on them.