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1st February 2018

This week was dry but absolutely fffffeezing. The first thing we did was warm up and practice a few moves to help us travel and pass the rugby ball up the field. We then split into groups and practiced how to do the Dummy half. (The dummy half or acting half back is when the player stands behind the play-the-ball player and collects the ball, before passing, running or kicking the ball). After this,  we split into 2 teams and played a match practicing the things we had learnt.

This week we had a new team mate Kai Stanley. It was the first time Kai had experienced rugby and this is what he said "I thought rugby was fun. My favourite bit was playing the match. I learnt how to play and found that it's not as strict as football. I will definitely be coming back."


6th March 2018

Following the very heavy snow and gale force winds of last week, The Raiders took to the field for our weekly training session. Due to injuries and sickness we only mustered 11 players. Under blue skies and sunny conditions Andy Money (fitness coach) got us warmed up and ready to train. 

Although very boggy, training was full-on and muscles started to ache quickly.  

Ball Handling and Movement. 

This started out quite simply, a small circle was formed and the ball thrown between us, although it sounds easy throwing the ball accurately is really important and catching the ball and making sure the ball is secure is part of the game. 

This then evolved into making the session more difficult by making the circle bigger, either poor throwing or catching resulting in that person being sent into the middle. After a few minutes the number of people in the middle grew. We then introduced movement, in reality it became a game of piggy in the middle. But with a rugby ball. All part of a full on game of rugby. 


We progressed into a game (the best bit). As you can see from the photos lots of throwing, catching, and movement. Full contact (tackling) is also part of our weekly training sessions. As you can see from the photos this is done using coached techniques to minimise injuries. Also look at the smiling faces. Although not in The Rules of Rugby. Fun is important. 

Photos taken by Janis Smith (official Raiders press) . 

Thanks to both  Janis & Andy. 

Report by Mr Marriot



Photos Below - Last Training Session




Report by Eddie Marriott - On a very warm Thursday afternoon ,7th June 2018, the raiders’ regular training session took place. Fewer in numbers than normal, but as you can see from the attached photos fun and enjoyment levels are evident to see.

To minimise the possibility of injury (the field is very hard underfoot) to warm up we practised throwing and catching. Poor throwing and catching resulting in being obliged to perform 10 press-ups. You can see from the pictures all of has had to endure. Without complaint (I wish). A favourite of ours is to combine basketball and rugby, this involves accurate throwing, catching and moving, but without the tackling. Looking at the photos all had fun.

I want to say a big thank you to Chad, Ben, Shaun, Andrew and Anthony D who are either leaving us to go to college or 6th form. We wish you all the best for your futures and look forward to seeing you at school from time to time.

This was the last training session of the season.

Mrs Smith, Mr Money and me ( Eddie) want to say a big thank you at Kailen ( captain) Daniel ( vice captain) Ben, Brandan, Chad, Jordan Lee, Anthony D, Anthany Mc, Adam, Kai, Lewis, Andrew , Nuwan, Jamie M and Jamie L and Shaun. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and  gained skills such as team work, learning about each other, learning to lose as well as win (sportsmanship), eye/hand co-ordination, commitment and just as importantly how to have fun.

Enjoy your summer.

Feedback from some of the rugby team members


Kailen - Team Captain - "Rugby was so much fun. This year I have learnt to tackle properly and pass the rugby ball more skilfully. I have enjoyed being the team captain and have improved my communication skills when leading the team. I have made new friends from the different classes and feel I have become more mature especially with my attitude to younger team members. This year has been great and I will miss our training sessions".


Dan - Vice captain - " Rugby this year was really good. We have done some great team work and team building sessions. I have improve my tackling skills and have made some new friends. I have really enjoyed this year.


Newan - Year 8M - I have learnt how to play in a team. I really likes the warm up activities which get us ready to play. I really like playing the matches, it's great exercise. I have enjoyed learning new things.


Jamie Mullins - Rugby is really good and I have really enjoyed it. I was really happy to get a chance to wear my new boots after missing lots of practice when I couldn't play because of an injury. My favourite game is basketball rugby but I also like the bigger matches. I have learnt how to play the game of rugby better and will miss the training sessions.


Report from Mrs Smith - Well it's GOODBYE from the Raiders for another year it's been great fun reporting on the team and I certainly know more about rugby than I did at the beginning of the year.


Well done Forest Oak Raiders it's been a great year!!!