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To start a new topic, we always discuss what we already know.


What would you like to find out?

Write down questions that the children would like to ask.

Write down things they would like to find out.


This can then be revisited at the end of the topic.


You can use the KWL grid to record this or any way you would like.


Identifying and Describing Local Plants and Flowers

Walk in the local area.


Nature walk looking at and naming the variety of plants, touch and describe how things feel like bark is rough and petals are soft.


Look for and identify different plants and trees. Where able touch, feel and discuss local plants and trees.


What do Plants need to Grow 


Watch the films and discuss what plants need to grow. 

Planting Beans 

What do plants need to grow?

Can you make a prediction where they will grow best?



Using the bean seeds that were sent, plant them in different parts of your house to test which conditions are best to grow a plant. 

The Life Cycle of a Bean Plant

How does the plant start off?

What happens next?


Can you label a bean plant?


What do plants need to grow?

Can you label the picture?

Features of a Plant

Can you describe the different parts of a plant?

Can you label different plants?


Sorting Plants

Using Venn Diagrams

Which is a plant?

Which is an animal?

What will happen if it is both?

Where does our food come from?