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During this half-term our arching topic is 'Houses and Homes'. In Science we will be looking at everyday materials. We plan to carry out one investigation a week from the Pirate Science Experiments below. Start this week with the Pirate Density Investigation and complete one investigation a week until the end of term.

LO: Sort materials by colour, size, and shape.


Using objects from the home (toy cars and bricks are ideal, but anything that can be grouped will do) ask your child to sort into groups.  For example, sort construction toys into small and large bricks or by colour.

LO: Sort and identify materials made from wood, metal and plastic.


Begin by finding objects in the home that are made from wood, metal and plastic.

Encourage your child to make observations of the objects; colour, feel, flexibility, weight etc. 

Complete the worksheet below by showing the images on the worksheet on screen and discussing the questions with your child. 

Discuss the everyday materials that different objects are made from. 

Discuss too the properties of the objects and why a particular material has been used. 

The worksheets come with an answer sheet.

  There is no need to print off the worksheet, unless you are going to send me a photo for evidence that you have completed the task. 

Adults, please fill in the sheet for pupils that cannot write their answers.



Everyday Materials Challenge Cards. Questions to encourage discussion.