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Introduction to New Topic


What do we wear clothes?

Talk to the children about why we wear clothes.

What do they know?

What would they like to find out?

What Clothes for what Season?



What clothes do we wear for what weather?

Ask the children to talk about what clothes we wear depending on the weather.

Seasons, weather and clothes

A short movie to teach seasons, weather and clothes. Created using Powtoon and Imovie by Armağan Çıtak.Voiced by Selin Moon and Davian Williamson.

Children can complete the sorting activity attached.

Describing Materials



Have a range of materials for the children to feel.

How could we describe them?

What words could we use?

What items of clothing could be made from this material?



Complete the worksheets 

Umbrella Investigation

Design a Hat



Why do you think we wear hats?

What materials should we use?

Why would we use these material?

National Dress


Share the Power-point.

Why do they wear these clothes?

Why are they special?