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Watch the amazing students and staff as they sing, dance and enjoy themselves on our Youtube channel. Click on the link below.

Miss Harbidge attempting to create waffles with strawberries and drizzled with melted Terry's chocolate orange. Think I need more practise but not bad for my first attempt laugh



Sofa shopping is such hard work!!!

Just thought you would like to see some of the other things we have been up to over the last few weeks. 


As you can see Mrs C has been busy being creative on the sewing machine again making very pretty bunting (love the rainbow colours too!). She has also spotted lots of interesting things hanging in trees during her exercise time.


Miss H has been getting her daily exercise by going on bike rides on her bike which is older than you lot! Check out her Raleigh max bike! She has also been making chocolate concrete cake just like she used to have when she was at school. She is also very lucky living so close to the airport that she was able to take photos of the A400M and RAF C-17 military aircrafts from her house. She also purchased a lovely sticker to show support to the NHS and key workers and has put it in her window. 


Miss Lennon has also been in the kitchen baking; however she eats whatever she's made before taking any photos!! She has also been using her exercise time to walk down to the local deli to get pies and the occasional cupcake. 






Miss Lennon has been busy with a paintbrush. Check out her painting skills! These are fab - well done! 

Miss Harbidge has been attempting to bake! So far she has made a victoria sponge cake, brownies and blondies, although she needs more practice at making brownies and blondies! I think we'll leave the baking to Mrs Chapman!
Mrs Chapman has also been busy in the kitchen making this yummy banana and honey cake. We miss the smell of your coffee around the classroom