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Sensory play


Sensory Play ideas for R/1 pupils: 


This page is for parents to see some sensory play ideas for your children for you to do at home. In R/1 we do lots of sensory play and all children get stuck in and enjoy it. Here are some ideas for you to do with your child to continue the fun at home :) 



A lot of the ideas we find are our own that we do in class, from google or pin-trest! Take a look, if you type in 'sensory play ideas' into the search bar, there are lots on there!

Shaving foam - shaving foam is easy and cheap to use for a sensory impact. You can add food colouring, toys or props to the shaving foam. This one is probably best to do in the garden, as it can get very messy!

Water play - water play is super easy and can help the children receive a sensory impact, all you need is a bucket, or a washing up bowl, fill it with water and some plastic cups!:)

Freeze a toy - get a small toy, even a lego piece. Pop it in some water and freeze it. When solid, let your child decide on ways they can help 'save the toy'. We have recently done this with the children in class and they loved it, it really helps with the children's ability to problem solve, as well as receiving sensory impact!

Here is a link for a 'leaf sensory bag'

Oil and Water Sensory Bottles- Add oil, water and food colouring into a bottle with a secure lid and it will create a bubble tube effect water bottle!