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Snow day

Happy snow day everyone ❄️❄️❄️

Here are some fun snow day craft activities 



Paper snowflakes ❄️

What snowflake creations can you make ?

Penguin Egg Cartons

Can you make some cute egg carton penguins 🐧 

Make your own bobble hat

Create your own bobble hat

We look forward to seeing all your different designs 

Snowmen ⛄️

You can decide which snowman you want to create 

one long one with your name or a toilet roll snowman ☃️ 

Try some fun experiments whilst you are out playing in the snow...


Have a go at making a snow volcano with just a few simple ingredients.

Try experimenting with painting the snow. Use either watercolours or watered down craft paint to make a snow picture.
Be a snowflake detective......
How about some snowflake investigation? Take a dark coloured piece of card or paper and a magnifying glass and collect a small amount of snow. Look at the snowflakes through your magnifying glass, what can you see? Can you see a single snowflake and can you describe it? Do all of the snowflakes look the same or are they different? 

Try some penguin yoga with Pedro the Penguin!

Relax with some snowman peace out guided relaxation!

We love to listen to the little snowflake song in class!

Listen to the story - Dot in the Snow by Oxford Children's Books

What animal did you recognise in the story?


Who was your favourite character?


What happened at the end of the story?

Can you design your own winter clothes?

Winter mark making activites to practise pencil control