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Spring Term 1

Our topic this term was Stone age, we as a class have thoroughly enjoyed this topic. We made our own caves out of clay, we made bowls and plates out of clay also and decorated them. We did lots of work around what the cave people would wear, what they would look like, what they would eat, and what they would use to live a day to day life. Year 6 were really interested in this and have enjoyed the discussions and lessons, we also enjoyed watching the Stone Age episode of Horrible Histories! This brought lots of giggles to our classroom.


This term we started a scheme called 'Eat Well Move More' every Tuesday Lesson 5. During this we have enjoyed trying new fruit and vegetables, cereals and breakfast materials. We have learnt about the sugar in different foods, and have been able to learn about choosing the healthier option. During eat well move more, we have also enjoyed playing energetic games and learning about our heart rate and the importance of exercise!


For our class reward at the end of term, we watched The Flintstones to coincide with our Stone Age topic and had popcorn!