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Spring Term 2

This term our topic was 'Food around the world'. We enjoyed this topic as we got to learn about which foods originate from which countries, We also enjoyed a class discussion around this topic, What foods we like, what foods we don't like! Miss Hale told the class her favourite food was spaghetti bolognese - Which originates from Italy! Miss Doherty's favourite is Tacos which originate from Mexico! Miss Joplings favourite is Jerk Chicken which originates from Jamaica! Miss Twiddy said her favourite is Paella which originates from Spain! And Miss Powers favourite is Lasagne which originates from Italy! 

Due to the recent unfortunate events we were not able to go on our reward trip to Vortex and TGI Fridays, and enjoy the easter celebrations that were coming up. 

Recently as a school we have set up Class Dojo! You can access it to communicate to Miss Twiddy or Miss Powers and share with us what you have been up to with your child during this time while we are not at school.