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WB 1.03.2021

Good morning Class 4/5,

I hope you enjoyed the weekend sunshine.

This week I am setting you a projects to do at home and bring in on your first day back to school.

I want to know about you, your family and the things you have done to keep busy through lockdown, what you liked and what you didn't like, how you are feeling and what you want to happen next.

Parents and carers please support your child by helping them to label photos and picture. If your child does not write sentences then please label photos and drawing with labels and short facts for them.

I am giving you the whole week to do this, so there is plenty of time to gather and create a piece of work that can be presented in class.

Your work will be used by you in class to help you share information with staff and peers. For example a labelled drawing/photo of you and the family you live with, including names and relationship to you will help during circle times when we talk about our families and those special people in our life.

Here are some headings to get you started.

* Me and my family
* How I am feeling and why
* These are my favourite things: colour, food, drink, place to go, animal etc
* What I have I done during lockdown
* What I want to happen Next

Please include photos of family members if possible, they do not have to be on photographic paper. If you don't have a printer, you can send me the photos in a message and I will print for your child. This is especially important for children who can not tell us if they have a brother or sister, or if they can not tell us their names.

Thank you for your support. This project is really important for supporting your child's return to school and helping your child to join in class activities.

Miss Raughter.


Monday: Look at the worksheets below and choose the ones best for you to help you with your project. Remember you don't have to print and use the actual worksheet, you can take ideas from the worksheets and use paper or card that you have at home.