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WB: 20.4.20



Happy St George's day. What are you doing today? 

Twinkl has lots of information about St George for you to learn 

and lots of activities for you to do also. 

Have a look and see what you can learn about St George. 

Log on to Class DoJo to share with me anything you create or write. 

Stay safe, Miss Raughter.



Hi, today is Earth Day.

Your challenge today is to find out as much as you can about Earth Day and write about it. Any style, you choose; comic, paragraphs, labelling etc. There’s lots of resources on the net;

National Geographic, Activity Village, dltk kids, etc.

Write your name & date at the top of your work,

and when it's done upload a photo on Class DoJo.

Draw, paint or collage a picture to go with your writing. Or make a leaf rubbing. I look forward to seeing your work later.

Stay safe, Miss Raughter.