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Listen to this new phonics song all about transport! How many vehicles that travel on the road can you spot? 

"Alphabet Transport" - ABC Transportation Song for Kids | Learn Vehicles, Phonics and Alphabet ABCs

Learn the ABCs and vehicles with the Alphabet Transport song! Can you make the alphabet phonics sounds? Sing A for Ambulance, B for Bus, and C for Car. Let's...

We have a new sound this week it is the 'k' sound. Watch the video to find out all about the 'k' sound. 
Now that you have learnt all about the 'k' sound can you have a go at spotting some of these objects that start with the sound? 
Work together with someone at home to play the initial sound balloon game. Choose the initial sound balloon icon and see if you can choose the correct initial sound for the word. It might help to sound the letters in the word out so that you can hear them all clearly. 
Have a go at practicing your pencil grip with these handwriting sheets. If you are not able to print the sheets you could always make your own by copying the patterns in highlighter or felt tip pen for your child to trace. 
Have a look at this cvc word activity. Can you name the picture, spell out its name and then write it down?