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​​​​​​This term we are learning all about transport and this week we are looking at travelling by road. Listen to this story about a toad who does not know how to use the road safely! How many different types of transport can you spot?



Online Stories: Toad on the Road

Dorchester County Library presents Online stories. This presentation of Toad On the Road by Stephen Shaskan is read by Jennifer Smith, Youth Services Librar...

Did you enjoy the story? Which bit did you like best? Do you think the way that toad sat in the road was very safe? Talk with an adult about how toad could have kept himself safe near a busy road!


How many types of transport did you spot? Could you draw a picture of your favourite?  

Draw your own road on paper. You could make it as long and wiggly as you want by cutting the strips of road out and sticking them together. Then you can use you can take your own toy cars and vehicles for a drive. Do you have any vehicles from the story?