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For WEEK 1 we will be looking at vehicles you will find on the road. What vehicles do you know the names of??? Can you make your own ramps to make your vehicles move?


To make these super simple cardboard tube car ramps you need:

1 cardboard wrapping paper tube

black paint

white chalk pen (or white paint and a thin paintbrush)

small cars


You can also try other materials around the house to make ramps with for e.g flat packed cardboard, plastic guttering and much more!


This is a great way to learn about motion and cause and affect.

What happened to your vehicles when you placed them at the top of the ramps? Which vehicle was faster/slower? Why do you think they moved differently?

Try moving your vehicles around an outdoor road obstacle course or maze - chalk is a good resource to use to create this!

Lets look at road safety, listen to the song below to see what the different colours mean on a traffic light. 

Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light

Can you sort the different colours to make a traffic light? Remember, red means stop, yellow means get ready and green means go.